Wide or Narrow Side Windows: Know What is Right for Your Van Modification

16 April 2019

One of the most versatile type of vehicle on the road today is the van. Closed vans are spacious and have plenty for storage. Closed vans are commonly being modified to meet the specific needs of their owners, such as adding specialised drawers, shelving and cargo barriers, for both commercial and private purposes.

For private use vans, it is common for owners to have vehicle seat alterations done to accommodate the needs of their growing families, and wheelchair conversions are also another popular and much-needed vehicle modifications people have done to their vans. However, regardless of whether used for private or commercial purposes, closed vans are at a disadvantage when it comes to navigating through traffic.

The reason why closed vans have difficulty driving through busy traffic is obvious, their solid sides do not have windows to see through. This creates blinds spot that make it difficult for the driver to see on the sides of the vehicle. The best solution to this problem is to install van side windows.

Benefits of Wide and Narrow Side Windows for Vans

Whether you choose to install wide or narrow side windows on the side of your van, you will definitely benefit from them, to either a lessor or greater degree, depending on the amount of window space you choose. With that said, here are the benefits you will get when you install side windows for vans:

Overall increased visibility – installing either wide or narrow side windows will increase driving visibility and safety while changing lanes, which will decrease the risk of having an accident. Of course, the wider the side window the greater the view you will have.

Allows in natural sunlight – side windows for vans are a great way to increase the light inside your vehicle. The wider the window, the more light can enter.

Greater aesthetic appeal – closed vans can appear a bit bland, but you can change that by adding side windows. Side windows for vans will enhance the overall appearance of your van, making it more aesthetically appealing. Both wide and narrow side windows for vans can increase the resale value of your closed van, as potential buyers will appreciate that they will not have to add any side windows after they purchase the vehicle.

If you are interested to learn more about side windows for vans, then come visit Jamieson Auto Fit, we are vehicle modification experts in Melbourne. Our services include the installation of side windows for vans, wheelchair conversions, vehicle seat alterations, and vehicle storage solutions, just to name a few.

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