Why Should Grab Handles Be Included in Wheelchair Taxis?

26 April 2017

No matter the type of motorised vehicle, passengers need something to hold on to, for safety’s sake, in case there is a need to brace themselves for an impact or when a vehicle suddenly needs to stop. Being able to brace themselves while inside a vehicle, by holding on to something firm, help passengers avoid any injury. In this regard, grab handles are so important and can be installed in almost any type of vehicle.

In fact, grab handles are especially important for handicap passengers to protect themselves from being jarred from their seats when unexpected sudden braking, acceleration, or quick manoeuvring happens. This is why public taxis require customisation that meets the needs of all passengers, including wheelchair taxis.

Importance of Grab Handles in Wheelchair Taxis

Just like everyone, people that rely on wheelchairs work at full or part-time jobs away from home, and need to go shopping, make medical appointments, and attend social events. For these reasons, reliable and safe wheelchair taxis are needed that have grab handles installed.

Grab handles are just as important in wheelchair taxis as in any other vehicle because it gives passengers something solid to hold on to in case the momentum of the taxi changes unexpectedly, and can help prevent any potential injury. As an example, grab handles can prevent people from sustaining injuries from being tossed forward unexpectedly by sudden changes in speed.

Customised grab handles and handrails in wheelchair taxis can accommodate passengers of different sizes, from small children to the elderly, by placing these at different wall levels inside vans or buses converted into wheelchair accessible taxis. Grab handles are also useful to help people in wheelchairs lift themselves up or adjust their sitting position to become more comfortable while traveling.

Where can Grab Handles Be Installed for Wheelchair Taxis?

Here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we offer complete vehicle wheelchair conversions that include grab handles, wheelchair lifts and ramps for wheelchair taxis. We also specialise in wheelchair restraints, power sliding doors, swing door operators, radio remote systems, fold-out ramps, power seat bases, and telescopic power ramps.

To learn more about grab handles for wheelchair taxis, or about wheelchair conversions, contact us here at Jamieson Auto Fit, passenger safety is our main concern.

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