Why Public Transports Must Have Wheelchair Lifts

25 May 2017

The government policies and programs have made it a top priority to ensure that all Victorians have access to public transport, so that everyone can contribute to their communities and achieve their potential. Progress made over the last few years to upgrade public buses and bus stops to accommodate wheelchair ramps and lifts are seen everywhere.

There are even subsidies available for private and commercial transport vehicles to modify buses and vans to accommodate wheelchairs lifts. According to Accessible Public Transport in Victoria, public transports must have wheelchair lifts to meet all the requirements of both the Disability Discrimination Act of 1992, and the Disability Discrimination Act of 2002, by the year 2022.

Jamieson Auto Fit Servicing the Public Transport Needs for Wheelchair Lifts

Jamieson Auto Fit is dedicated to helping meet the private and public transport needs to accommodate the disabled, and for those who are dependent on wheelchairs for their mobility. Wheelchair accessible taxis (WATs) are in big demand, mostly due to the aging of the Australian population, and while the need of WAT services are increasing every year, Jamieson Auto Fit is busy helping convert private and public transport vehicles to meet the growing demand for wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Wheelchair lifts are an ideal means to improve the mobility and accessibility of public transport, and these can not only accommodate wheelchairs, but electric scooters as well. Today, especially designed wheelchair lifts are able to lift loads of up to 363 kg, and provide unobstructed views inside vehicles, which is important for commercial and para-transit drivers as it minimizes blind spots.

Wheelchair lifts are perfect for vehicles that serve multipurpose roles, such as mini buses and vans. Brands such as Ricon wheelchair lifts now have a tuck-away feature that takes up less space than older models and are easier to deploy and use.

Wheelchair Lifts That Comply with Vehicle Modification Guidelines

Jamieson Auto Fit specialises in all types of vehicle modifications, including the installation of wheelchair lifts and wheelchair conversions. With many years of experience meeting and exceeding government safety standards for vehicle modifications, private and public transport vehicles are assured to obtain a Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) approval certificate by VicRoads.

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