Why is customised car seating the best option for your vehicle?

28 April 2015

A car is usually a reflection of the owner’s taste and preferences. Much as car manufacturers do their best to cater to all the needs and wants of their customers, there are some things that have to be custom built.

Ultimately, each owner has their own set of unique requirements for their vehicle. A family with babies and children will need extra seating, to make sure all the children are seated properly and safely. Health issues might require a person to install some type of extra back support for either the driver or passengers. Also, car seats might require modification to adjust to the owner’s height. If you have any of these requirements or needs, customised car seating is the best option for your vehicle.

Standard car seating can’t meet every person’s needs

Not all car seats are formed according to the proportions and the position that best fit your needs. What is the solution? Customisation is the answer. There are specialists in commercial and domestic vehicle accessories such as modification specialists like Jamieson Auto Fit located in Sunshine West, Victoria, which can modify the seats in your vehicle, to meet your requirements or specials needs. And, all vehicle modifications are in accordance with vehicle safety standards.

Customised car seating includes providing extra seating for up to three children, which include features like forward facing, bucket or bench seats. These can be folded or removed from the vehicle for storage and easy access from either the rear or side of the vehicle. Even buses and vans can be auto fitted with extra seating depending on the specific requirements of the owner.

Wheelchair conversions and commercial vehicle storage solutions

Other customisations that can be done by specialists in this line of business include vehicle storage solutions, cargo barriers, accessories and wheelchair conversions. These are not usual features found in stock vehicles, but they can go a long way in making your vehicle serve its purpose as a method of conveyance and utility. Each is outfitted by professional and expert installers who have the experience and training to auto fit any type of vehicle.

Auto fitting vehicles and doing customisation services for the automotive industry is what Jamieson Auto Fit has been doing for over 28 years, because they understand the reason why is customised car seating the best option for your vehicle. For more information about how they can change your vehicle, and your driving/riding experience, to best meet your needs, please visit the website:

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