Why Family Vans Become Better After Conversion

12 October 2018

Vans are an ideal vehicle for families, but as families grow even large vans can feel a little cramped. Instead of purchasing a new vehicle that may not meet the exact needs of a growing family, families can save money with a van conversion. A custom van conversion is the best way to improve the functionality and comfort of family vans.

After Conversion Family Vans Become Better

There are many alterations and modifications that can be done to family vans that make them better, some of the most popular options are listed below:

More interior space – most vans can accommodate between five to seven people. With a full van conversion it is possible with some model of vans to increase seating capacity to as much as fifteen passengers. Even if your family doesn’t require that many more seats, van seats can be added, removed, or configured in a way that allows for more interior space to move around.

Customized centre console – installing a customized centre console for your family van will increase the comfort level of everyone, as these can be fitted with all types of accessories, such as power connections for your family’s electronic gadgets and devices (tablets, Smartphone, portable DVD players, etc.). Centre van consoles can even have storage space for DVDs, books, and laptops, and even a refrigerator to keep food and drinks cold while on the road.

A roof rack – traveling with a growing family can be tricky when trying to fit everything needed for trip “inside” the van. Van conversions can also include adding a roof rack to accommodate luggage and things, thus increasing your storage capacity, without taking up room inside your van. When a vehicle isn’t stuffed or crammed full of things, and there is ample room to move around, passengers are more comfortable while traveling, especially during long trips.

Custom cargo barriers and van walls – these help to better organize and protect the interior of your van and the things you carry, such as luggage or pets. Families with pets can benefit from cargo barriers, as these create a durable partition between passengers and pets. Basically, cargo barriers makes it possible for families to safely travel with their pets.

After considering the above benefits, it is obvious why family vans become better after conversion. To learn more about van conversion options, please contact us here at Jamieson Auto Fit, will we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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