Why Do 4WD’s Need Front Bars or Bullbars?

14 October 2016

Sliding through a mud bog in a 4WD vehicle is like nothing else. Your back digs into the seat as you spin the steering wheel to compensate for a drifting turn, the wheels kick up a slick airborne trail of mud, and there’s a gut-wrenching sensation of lost momentum until the wheels gain traction again. Why do 4WD’s need front bars or bullbars in this adrenaline-soaked situation? We’re going to answer this question with some grounded safety-related answers.

Armouring Your Rugged Rig

Even if your offroad ride is equipped with a superior safety rating, there’s still a chance of an unforeseen accident, especially when you’re navigating rocky trails. A single knee-high boulder is all it takes to wreck your beloved roadster, which is why it makes sense to reinforce the front of your 4WD with front bars or bullbars. The inverted u-shape of this protective frame installs on the leading edge of the car, right in front of the radiator grille and front bumper. Once properly fitted, it acts as a robust tubular shield, a one-piece frontal protection system for you and your offroad vehicle.

Augmented Bumper Protection

One thing that you should realize about this purchase is the fact that these durable frames are built to high manufacturing standards, but there are still finite differences between certain models. All-encompassing bullbars adopt an extended profile, so they stretch upward to protect the car grille and the headlights. Conversely, smaller u-shaped products are there only to protect the leading edge of the vehicle, to protect the bumper, deflect a potentially costly impact, and defend other front-end components from damage. Of course, even these two form factors diverge, so other highly desirable features are up for grabs.

Opt for Baked-in Quality

Protection ratings and compatibility factors receive primary consideration, so weigh wraparound tubular panels against basic bent tubular frames before customizing your vehicle. Next, powder coated good looks and additional grille work deserves a mention. Powder coating technology grants the bars a near impervious finish, one that exudes glossy good looks. Likewise, additional grilles and panels deflect mud and protect the underpinnings of the vehicle’s chassis.

When you’re ready to shop for front bars (bullbars), look for a purchase that fits the aggressive frontal features of your 4WD, but don’t let the look of the product rule good judgment. Primarily, you’re looking for protective bars that will properly shield your leading bumper, radiator grille, and other front-facing components from the damage caused by your latest offroad excursion, be it a protruding rock or a concealed tree stump.

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