Why Customised Cargo Drawers are Needed Mostly by Tradespeople

13 December 2018

Thanks to tradespeople, Victoria has developed at a progressive pace over the past few decades. Today, the state is well-known as a developed and modern place to live by people all over the world. Tradies from all types of industries are here, and they are hard at work providing every kind of necessary service to both the private and public sectors.

One absolute necessity that tradespeople rely on today to get their work done is their vehicles, without these, tradies are unable to perform their jobs effectively. In fact, to be most effective at providing the best services possible, most tradespeople have customised their vehicles to better organise their tools and equipment, and to maximise interior space.

Customised cargo drawers are one of the most common and beneficial vehicle fitouts for tradespeople, for a number of reasons. Below are a few examples of why tradespeople need customised cargo drawers:

Maximise interior storage space – customised cargo drawers are the most popular vehicle modification options for tradespeople. Not only can these create more interior space, but it helps to organise tools, equipment, and parts in a way that is more readily available to tradies, which allows them to be more effective and efficient at providing needed services.

Multi access locations – large cargo drawers can be installed in a way to allow access from the rear or the side of vans. This allows trade vans to be custom designed to accommodate tradies from any industry. Also, hidden compartments can be custom designed into cargo drawers that can be used to keep valuables protected from break-in and theft.

Cargo vans are the ideal choice of vehicle for tradespeople to use, with customised cargo drawers being the most important vehicle fitout option for them. There are other vehicle modifications that can benefit tradespeople, such as the following:

Vehicle seat alterations – next to customised cargo drawers, vehicle seat alterations are the second most popular vehicle modification choice for tradespeople. Vehicle seating can be removed to make room for more space, or seats can be added to carry more passengers, or, vehicle seating can be arrange in a configuration to better accommodate passengers and the driver.

Van roof racks – roof racks are very useful to tradespeople because it allows for carrying equipment and materials that are too large to fit in the interior of the van, or materials that may become damaged if stored inside the vehicle.

Interested tradespeople can get more information about installing customised cargo drawers for vans, by contacting us here at Jamieson Auto Fit.

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