When Extra Seating Becomes a Real Necessity for Big Families

07 December 2016

People buy vehicles based on their needs, but needs change as families grow. Big families usually have multiple vehicles, and often change these based on their need to carry more passengers, but that can be costly – constantly changing vehicles. Thankfully, there is another affordable way to legally carry more passengers, without having to purchase a larger vehicle.

Extra Seating for Big Families Becomes a Necessity

It is basic math, as families grow, they need a vehicle with more seating. But investing in a new vehicle may not be the best answer, instead, installing extra seating in an existing car or van may is usually the best solution. Vehicle seat alterations and adding extra seating not only saves you money, but it also allows you to keep the family’s vehicle. In fact, more big families are realizing the benefits of adding extra seats for children in their cars and vans, which lets families travel more comfortably because there is more room.

It is very important to have enough seats to fit everyone, especially for a small child that requires a dedicated seat to mount a child’s car seat. Often times, installing new vehicle seats, or reconfiguring existing vehicle seats, increases the space within a vehicle by utilising unused or wasted space. Having enough seats makes a vehicle safer and more comfortable for everyone.

Vehicle Seat Upholstery and Design

When you need to add extra seating to accommodate your growing family, there is no worrying about if these will match the interior of your car or van. The upholstery and design of the extra seating will match your vehicle’s interior, you can even choose seating that reclines or have headrests, features that will provide more comfort to your family while they travel.

If you need extra seating for your growing family, you don’t have to buy a new one because here at Jamieson Auto Fit we can help add the extra seating you need.

Vehicle Seat Alterations by Jamieson Auto Fit

As a specialist in commercial and domestic vehicle modifications, our company’s expert team have modified countless station wagons, cars, vans and buses with all types’ configurations of extra seating. So, when your family grows, Jamieson Auto Fit can add the necessary extra seating you need.

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