Wheelchair Ramps: Getting the Best Advantage for Wheelchair Users

04 August 2016

Here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we care about all of our customers and their unique needs, that is why we offer a wide selections of services and products, such as the installation of cargo barriers, vehicle storage solutions, extra seating and vehicle seat alterations, and wheelchair conversions, which include wheelchair ramps for vehicles such vans, mini-buses and buses.

To be honest, wheelchair users deserve all the help they can get, to move around and get to where they need to go. To do that, wheelchair ramps are essential for vehicles to aid in loading and unloading passengers that require a wheelchair or scooter to get around.

It is no easy task, loading a wheelchair into a vehicle, which is why wheelchair van conversions are in demand, however, for those who are unable to avail of a full wheelchair conversion for their van or mini-bus, wheelchair ramps help wheelchair users greatly to get into and out of vehicles easily.

Wheelchair Ramps for Vehicles are A Necessity

There are many reasons people need to use wheelchairs and scooters to get around, and thankfully, now public places are required to have wheelchair access ramps available for customers. However, auto manufacturers are not required to make vehicles with wheelchair friendly features, such as wheelchair for vehicles. That is why companies like Jamieson Auto Fit offers wheelchair conversions and installs wheelchair ramps, to help wheelchair users get around easier, by making it easier to load and unload into their vehicles.

Whether it is travelling to school, work, a senior centre, or just going down to the grocery store, wheelchair ramps can be custom designed and fit specially to accommodate vans and mini-buses.

The main advantage of a wheelchair ramp is its simple nature, made from aluminium, it is lightweight, easy to use, and it can be stored away discretely by creating a special storage space, inside or under the chassis, and they can also fold out. Wheelchair fold out ramps can be installed allowing for side loading or rear loading, which is ideal for limited loading locations and areas that may be difficult to load from either the side or the rear of the vehicle.

If you would like to learn more about wheelchair ramps for vehicles, and how these can work for you and your van or mini-bus, please contact us here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we can assess your individual transportation requirements, and then work with you to find the best solutions.

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