Wheelchair Conversion Van

06 February 2014

In the past, to a handicapped individual on a wheelchair, driving a vehicle was simply impossible. With the many mechanical developments that are present in today’s world, an individual in a wheelchair, if the extent of their disabilities will allow, can drive his own vehicle. He can even have a pick the type of vehicle he wants to drive.

PWDs can now choose from specific trucks, cars, sports utility vehicles and a selection of vans. These options are now available with the comfort and safety of all considered.

Today, wheelchair minivans have become the most frequent choice for most people with disabilities. There has been a huge demand for full-size wheelchair conversion vans. These full size wheelchair vans conversions may be ideal for you if you regularly travel by car, if your family is considered large, if you are particularly large or tall, and if you always travel carrying specialty tools and equipment with a lot of accessories. If you belong to any of these profiles, you might really want to consider these full-size custom conversion vans. It is undeniable, full size conversion vans for the disabled are more advantageous over the smaller ones because of the convenience size provides. The bigger the size and space, the more room there would be for other items and people that would fit into the van, making travel more economical and convenient. That is why these full-size wheelchair conversion vans will be perfect vehicle for you.

There are a number of wheelchair van conversion styles that you would want to take into consideration when selecting the perfect traveling solution for you.

One of the most essential considerations that you will be making in selecting a wheelchair conversion van would be rear entry versus side entry. Whatever your choice would be will definitely affect a lot of things as your ability to provide room for other passengers, the wheelchair seating positions, and even parking options. A vast majority of the market went for side-entry wheelchair vans for their personal use vehicles. Nevertheless, rear-entry wheelchair vans have been gaining a few nods as more and more products become available.

Another significant thing that has to be considered is choosing between a fold-up or an in-floor wheelchair ramp in the handicap van. Fold-up ramps fold in half next to the side passenger door while in-floor ramps slide into a space underneath the van’s floor. Customers who choose in-floor ramps prefer the ramp out of the way of the passenger entrance. Additionally, fold-up ramps are less costly and easier to maintain.

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