Wheelchair Conversion Services: Why Should This Be Done Only by Professionals?

31 January 2019

Vehicle modifications are a very popular and often-time necessary to meet specific needs of people, such as in the case of those dependent on the use of wheelchairs. Wheelchair conversion services are nothing new. However, finding a vehicle modification specialist in Melbourne that can make the needed changes to your vehicle, and that can meet and even exceed governmental guidelines, especially when modifications alter the classification of a vehicle, is vitally important.

In fact, considering the many types of vehicle modifications, a wheelchair conversion is one of the most significant, and only qualified professionals with experience should undertake them.

Why Wheelchair Conversion Services Should be Conducted Only by Professionals

Wheelchair conversions for vans and minibuses are very popular and much needed today, as there are adults and children who rely on the daily use of wheelchairs. This is also true for taxis conversions, as it allows them to be able to offer shuttle services to handicap and paralyzed persons who do not have any reliable means of transportation available.

In most cases, instead of purchasing a new vehicle that has wheelchair accessibility, choosing a vehicle modification such as a wheelchair conversion, is the best solution because it is cost effective. So, when it comes to stock vans and mini buses, adding extra seating or specialised seats to accommodate wheelchairs, alterations need to be made that may change the classification of the vehicle.

Altering and modifying any vehicle is serious, as there are established guidelines and safety measured established by VicRoads. These need to be followed precisely before any altered or modified vehicle will be allowed to drive on the road legally. It’s true, government specifications are strict, for good reason because it ensures that altered vehicles that are allowed to drive on the road are safe.

For this reason, only professionals should conduct wheelchair conversions vehicles, At Jamieson Auto Fit, we are established vehicle modification specialists in Melbourne. We are experienced in making all types of vehicle modifications, such as altering seating configurations, taxi conversions, wheelchair conversions, and any customised vehicle fitouts that requires approval by VicRoads to change a vehicle’s description and purpose.

As vehicle modification specialists, we are able to obtain the required Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) approval certificate to change a vehicle’s description and purpose, which is typically the case after a wheelchair conversion. The VASS allows the altered vehicle to be used legally on the road that is why only professionals should conduct a wheelchair conversion on your vehicle.

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