Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services and Its Advantages

26 October 2016

Taxi services are a necessity in today’s world, as people need to move around, often times when they have no vehicle of their own available. Although, most people have needed to use taxi services in certain situations, some folks can’t use them because of physical limitations that require the use of a wheelchair. For transportation companies that do offer taxi services, there are many advantages of providing wheelchair accessible taxis (WATs) to those who need them.

The Advantages of Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services

The number one advantage of providing wheelchair accessible taxi services to the public is obvious, from a business perspective, as it opens up a whole new market of opportunity by catering to people that use not only wheelchairs, but also electric motorised types of chairs and carts.

Unlike taxis that can only accommodate folded wheelchairs, where a person has to be help out of their wheelchair and then into the taxi, and then the wheelchair is folded to fit in cargo space, a wheelchair accessible taxi service allows people to travel while seated. A transportation company that provides such services is much appreciated with those who rely on taxis to get around and who require the use of a wheelchair.

WATs are specially designed and converted vehicles, such as vans and mini-buses, that can carry people while seated in their wheelchairs, as well as being able to accommodate 4 to 11 passengers when not being used as a wheelchair accessible taxi. So, being able to switch-out seats when not being used for wheelchairs gives operators a wider range of opportunity to make more money, by having a more functional vehicle.

Multi-Purpose Taxi Service

It’s true, many people who rely on wheelchairs need a regular shuttle service to travel, that is why transportation companies, both big and small, who offer wheelchair accessible taxi services have some type of program that gives regular customers discounts off the fair price. There are many ways companies can do this, which is a great means to secure regular revenues, however, it is only possible with wheelchair conversion for vans, buses and mini-buses.

You can learn more about wheelchair conversions, such as installing sliding doors, or a large back door that opens to accommodate passengers with wheelchairs, at Jamieson Auto Fit – a company specialising in commercial and domestic vehicle modifications.

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