What Is Vito Storage System For Vehicles?

20 October 2015

When it comes to making your vehicle able to load things smartly, the original storage design by Mercedes in their Vito models has set a new standard of effective storage for vehicles like vans; it is something you cannot afford to miss out on, especially if you like to keep your vehicle tidy with everything in its place.

The type of storage system was developed and designed by some of the best storage engineers in the world, using lightweight but strong material. The Vito van storage system is constructed using lightweight aluminum that is strong enough to allow for layered shelves and for more space to installed roll-out shelves, drawers, cabinets and bins for storing all sorts of things.

Today, these types of innovative storage solutions are engineering marvels that can be mounted in almost any vehicle that has space to install them; given the space you have and the items you need to store, and taking into account accessibility to the storage areas. The compartmentalized nature of vito storage allows for customization to meet the needs of local businesses for specific purpose. Here are some of the benefits that you might want to look into.

It is the World’s Preferred Vehicle Storage Solution – Vito Storage System

It is the world’s most demanded business storage system. Vito storage systems provide smart, functional storage space in the form of shelves, cabinets and drawers. Vito storage systems even utilize the wasted wheel arch space found in many vans and truck beds, and allows you to still use your vehicle’s back space for loading and unloading other stuff.

The design is compatible with Bosch cases for storage, which is the standard for most construction, mechanical, electrical and other businesses, and with sturdy aluminum shelving you can count on using it for years with little to no maintenance needed. And, it does not interrupt backdoor use with a vertical design.

When choosing layered shelves; these can come with locking mechanisms or you can even customize other shelves and drawers to be locked according to your business requirements.

The Visual Appeal of a Vito Van Storage System

vito storage system adds to your vehicles appeal and does not look out of place like some of the bracket and wood storage options you see in commercial vans and utility vehicles. It is like getting an interior space-saving makeover for your van. A vito storage system fits into almost any vehicle and it’s the most effective way to organize and store things businesses need while on the road.

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