What is a Vehicle Fit Out?

27 January 2015

When it comes to organising things inside a vehicle, one may be hard-pressed to keep and find things where they should be. Organisation is paramount, especially in instances where vehicles are used daily for industrial and commercial use, and even in cases where a little extra space is needed for long family road trips. If the need for a well-organised, readily accessible vehicle storage system is required, then a vehicle fit out should be on the top of your to-do list. But what is a vehicle fit out?

Vehicle Fit Outs – The Best Way to Increase Car Space

Running out of car space? Simply can’t find whatever you’re looking for in the jumbled mess inside your car, van or SUV? Try vehicle fit outs! What is a vehicle fit out, you ask? A vehicle fit out is a new and revolutionary way to improve how you organise and store sundry items inside your vehicle. It is cleverly designed to be an ‘ergonomic’ approach to vehicular storage. Vehicle fit outs are the systematic conception and building of internally-installed storage racks, decks, cabinets, and other means of storage within the body of a vehicle.

Unlike most commonplace methods of vehicular storage (i. e. boxes and crates), vehicle fit outs custom-develop racks, shelving, drawers, pull-aways, and even hidden compartments right into your vehicle’s body without taking up all of the space. Rather, with the goal is to actually increase you’re vehicle’s overall space capacity by creating storage solutions that keep things well-organised and compact.

But there’s more to the philosophy of vehicle fit outs than simply creating custom-made storage spaces. Because cars tend to be very compact, not all storage solutions are viable for every vehicle, and as such, an assessment of the car’s size and the intended use of a storage scheme become necessary. This assessment is necessary in order to maximise the number of items that can be stowed, while minimising the amount of space that is taken up by the storage components.

When it comes to vehicle fit-outs, expert services are really required in order to ensure that you are getting the best workmanship, along with quality and durable materials to be used in the creation of you vehicle’s new internal storage space. Jamieson Auto Fit provides exactly this kind of service, along with the best material available. The company has well over twenty-eight years of experience in custom vehicle fit-outs for all kind of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. For more information on their product line and services, please visit:

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