What Are the Different Types of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles?

09 July 2014

There are quite a few different wheelchair accessible vehicles that are available today. Most of these are able to accommodate people who are wheelchair-bound as a passenger, but most of them will require a driver who is not handicapped. There are some though, that will allow the handicapped individual to drive themselves where they need to go. In order for this to become a possibility there are some modifications that have to be done to the wheelchair accessible vehicle.

when it comes to vehicles that our wheelchair friendly most people envision big vans with wheelchair lifts and the like. Times have changed and technology has made wheelchair friendly vehicles a whole lot easier to look at. As a matter of fact, most vehicles today can be transformed into a handicap friendly vehicle.

Vans are still largely used for wheelchair friendly vehicles. These can be nice, sporty looking minivans if you so choose. You no longer have to opt for the big-box vans of the past.

Mind you transforming a normal vehicle into a wheelchair friendly vehicle can get expensive if you don’t do business with the right company. if you’re a low budget there are some organizations available to help you get your vehicle wheelchair can make some calls to churches and other low income organizations for assistance in your area.

There is no need for someone to lose their independence because they are bound to a wheelchair. In today’s world driving a vehicle while handicapped is a possibility.You can even have a truck made into a wheelchair friendly vehicle. You can have it set up to where your wheelchair actually becomes your driver’s seat.

Even those who have been diagnosed as paraplegic can derive using a joystick and steering wheel controls.

Trucks, cars and vans are not the only disability and wheelchair friendly vehicles out there. There are now motorcycles available for handicapped individuals. Many of these are three wheeled, or equipped with a sidecar.These can also be operated via hand controls or joystick.

At Jamieson Auto Fit Wii fit and supplied wheelchair lifts, Rams and accessibility products. We go above and beyond to accommodate those who need assistance in getting around. Whether you are ready to drive again or you just need to update your wheelchair accessible vehicle we have you covered. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

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