What a Grille Guard can do for Your Truck

17 November 2014

Over the last few years customized security and enhancement accessories for cars and trucks have evolved tremendously. What was limited to just stainless steel and iron welding, has now taken a giant leap in terms of adding aesthetic value and also protecting the body of the vehicle.

Amongst these accessories, a grille guard is one of the most sought-after products. However, not many people know that these guards and the many purposes they serve at a time. Not surprisingly, modern grille guards have been associated with lower maintenance costs and prolonged life for truck body.

Truck Body and Paint Protection

Trucks often travel numerous miles on uncharted roads across the country and grille guard installation proves to be a clever addition to protect against collision damage. These strengthened tubular guards protect the engine and other important parts of the vehicle against head-on collisions, rocks, trees and embankments. In fact, legend has it that grille guards were originally manufactured to protect grille from scratches, but later, when truckers realized their importance in saving vehicle and lives, more research on strengthening was done.

Heavy Duty Look Appeal

Whether it’s the field of transportation or just the thrill of owning a truck, grille guard installation can do wonders to frontal aesthetics of a truck. It adds weight to the exterior and makes it look bulkier than a stock front end. As a matter of fact, according to Jamieson Auto Fit many of the truckers get custom paint jobs on their grille guards for a better color theme on the vehicles.

Auxiliary Lights

Often times, off-road trucks have to pass through difficult terrains and existing lights will not suffice. That’s where powerful auxiliary lights need to be installed and what better than to mount these on a grille guard. Grille guards are rigid, easy to mount and can hold the additional weight of light with ease. However, it is always recommended to mount flood lights by a professional to ensure proper wiring and installation. Of course people like to attach several other accessories on the grille bars, which include a tow cable and custom name plates.

Maintenance Cost

Many people take grille guard installation as an additional expense, but an experienced trucker will beg to differ any day. The idea is quite simple and understandable. These front guards protect a vehicle’s body and paint for a longer period of time, reducing maintenance over the years. In fact, grille guards are best suited to protect paint jobs even at times when the truck has to be towed away after a collision. If you’re interested in installing a grille guard on your truck or utility vehicle, then visit Jamieson Auto Fit, they are more than happy to help.

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