Vertical Shelving Maximizes Your Van’s Internal Space

03 December 2014

Transportation is a precise business. You need to be ready for every kind of situation that might arise and there is nothing better than having great accessories for your van to get the job done. Partition and shelving systems has emerged as the top choice for many transporters who face common day-to-day customer demands. They save much needed time, especially for delivery drivers.

So, which shelving system is better for your van? Well, it depends on the type of business you are in. Often vertical shelving is preferred by most experienced van owners for following reasons.


A few years ago, horizontal shelving was a more preferable system, due to its strength. However, with modern fiberglass plating and certain alloys, vertical shelves are now just as strong and durable too. They allow you to transport almost anything from food to industrial components and flowers. In fact, many florists who have to deliver huge quantities of floral baskets like vertical shelving for their business. Vertical shelving maximizes your van’s internal space for that purpose like nothing else.


Think of the available space in your van now, and then multiply it by the number of shelves you need. Although the available space is not that simple partition, it still increase the ways you can take different goods. The shelves are often adjustable to help you choose their optimum configuration. Carters, contractors, florists, law enforcers, and service technicians can easily use the added space. It’s a great way to reduce the time and money you will be adding by coming back for goods again.


Do you often injure your back trying to squeeze into and out of your van? You’re not alone. D your employees find it difficult as well to crouch under so many things to get what they need? The shelving system solves every one of these problems. Vertical shelving maximizes your van’s internal space, and you can easily pull shelves out effortlessly when needed. Without breaking your back.

Variety of Options

Different businesses have different needs. Some owners like shelves that are flat while others want them with edges. Vertical shelf manufacturers can design and manufacture custom configuration that uniquely matches you need with designs that compliment your business perfectly.

Jamieson Auto Fit Advantage

When it comes to planning, designing, and installing a vertical shelving system for you vehicle, nobody does it better than Jamieson Auto Fit. They are specialists in vehicle modifications and adding accessories that can help your van get the extra space for business.

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