Vehicle Space Problem? Roof Racks Are Your Solution with Jamieson Autofit

14 July 2015

Whether you drive a full-sized van or the usual 4-seated car, you can’t deny a vehicle’s practicality for transporting people and goods, if it has room enough. People use various vehicles all the time for carrying cargo, luggage, pets, and all sorts of equipment. But a car or van can only carry so much with its limited interior. Is there a way to increase cargo space? Yes, there is.

Roof racks eliminate vehicle space problems. With Jamieson Autofit, you can enjoy the benefits of a larger and more spacious car space by having roof racks installed. However, not all roof racks will fit on all types of vehicles.


Roof racks are installed on compatible vehicles, and these include cars, vans, SUVs, and mini-trucks. In order to qualify for rack installation, an automobile should have a roof that’s accessible and structurally strong enough to carry cargo. Ideally, you should be able to reach the roof of your vehicle by simply stretching your hands out or with the aid of a small step-ladder.

This prerequisite ensures that you can put your roof rack to good use and be able to load and unload cargo with ease, and safety. Additionally, any vehicle with a pre-installed roof rack may be replaced with customized storage by professionals like Jamieson Autofit.

Benefits of Custom Roof Racks

The interior space of most standard vehicles is fairly limited, even with the installment of cargo barriers and the removal of car seats. And it would be unsafe to travel with open windows or doors just to fit a few large things inside your vehicle. A roof rack allows for a more spacious storage and significantly increases a vehicle’s transport capacity.

Since it is installed outside on top of the vehicle, you are able to transport larger cargo with it. A roof rack also promotes safer traveling for everyone, since it doesn’t block the rear view of the driver and the front view of any tailing car.

Roof Racks Eliminate Vehicle Space Problems

For people who don’t want to modify the interior space of their cars, but still need to use their car for transporting goods, roof racks are an ideal solution. This is particularly true for people who travel in groups and carry cargo at the same time. That way, a car owner wouldn’t have to give up passenger seats in favour of storage space.

While some larger vehicles have roof racks pre-installed, these are typically made of hard plastic. These manufacturer racks may be sturdier than regular plastic, but they are unable to withstand heavy use or heavy weighted cargo. Another problem with these pre-installed racks is that they rarely maximize the entire roof space, which limits the size and amount of cargo that could be placed on the roof.

Jamieson Autofit can install roof racks on your car, or replace your stock plastic roof rack with a stainless steel design for better durability. You can even have a larger rack installed that utilises more space for greater storage.

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