Vehicle Seat Alteration: What would be the Top 5 reasons why you should do it?

20 May 2015

Car seat modifications are not always necessary. However, when a vehicle becomes more of an inconvenience for the driver, its passengers, and cargo, you may have to consider seat alterations as a solution. Vehicle owners have different motives for having their car seats modified, and as you will learn, no two reasons are the same.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get customised car seating.

1. Extra seats.

Whether you intend to cater to a growing family, take friends and extended family on regular trips, or plan to use your car as a shuttle service, a few extra seats can help tremendously. Basically, the more seats a vehicle has, the more passengers it can accommodate in a single trip.

Jamieson Autofit installs extra seating on a variety of car models including SUVs, vans, and minibuses. You can request for removable, foldable, or permanent seats with fixed or adjustable headrests. These customised car seats will have easy accessibility, include safety buckles, and adhere to car safety standards.

2. More room.

Sometimes, car seats can get in the way, especially when you use a vehicle for transporting cargo or animals. You can have Jamieson Autofit remove some of the seats to make more room available in your vehicle. Another option is to modify the car seat arrangement in order to maximize available space, which is a popular choice.

3. Vehicle Safety.

Making more room isn’t always enough. Sometimes, you need to have barriers installed for safer driving. Besides passenger safety, vehicle cargo barriers by Jamieson Autofit also promotes the safety of cargo or pets during travel.

What are cargo barriers? These prevent cargo in the vehicle from rolling over and injuring passengers when traveling. By keeping cargo in place, damage to transported goods is averted, and pet barriers effectively separate animals and prevent them from harming each other when in transit. Pet barriers also decrease the chance of animals escaping, while at the same time protects windows from damage and pets from hurting themselves.

4. Additional storage.

Need more storage space? Jamieson Autofit installs adjustable racks and shelves on vans and station wagons. These storage options are excellent for transporting goods that are small or have an unusual shape. Racks and shelves can be stacked atop another, and they can be shaped to allow for aisle space and quick accessibility. This is an ideal vehicle fitout choice for businesses that offer delivery and home repair services.

5. Handicap driving.

Handicapped drivers need to look no further than Jamieson Autofit for customised car seating that caters to their special needs. The Melbourne-based company is a trusted supplier of wheelchair lifts and ramps. Jamieson also provides fittings and other convenient features that a handicapped motorist may need, such as automated sliding or swing doors, remote control systems, and many more.

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