Vehicle Modification Guidelines in Victoria

10 January 2017

There are many reasons to modify a vehicle, whether it is to add cargo barriers, cargo drawers, shelving, front bars, racks, extra seats, or to remove vehicle seating, to free up space. However, there are specific vehicle modification guidelines in Victoria that need to be met, especially in regards to modifying vehicle seating.

Vehicle seat alterations are one of the most common vehicle modifications done in Victoria, and there are very important requirements that need to be met, and any modification or changes in a vehicle’s description has to be approved by VicRoads. This is especially true in regards to wheelchair conversions, taxi conversions, and altering the seating of any vehicle to meet the registration requirements in Victoria.

Complying with Vehicle Modification Guidelines in Victoria

Modifying any vehicle is serious business, and here at Jamieson Auto Fit we have many years of experience meeting and exceeding government safety standards for the vehicles we modify. When we make any modification that alters the description of a vehicle, we comply with government standards by obtaining a Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) approval certificate. This is done by properly notifying VicRoads of the changes, so that vehicles can be used on the road, legally.

Adding, Removing, and Replacing Vehicle Seats

If you need to add, remove or replace your vehicle’s seating, we can help because all work carried out here at Jamieson Auto Fit is done in accordance with guidelines set forth by VicRoads. Whether a vehicle needs seats removed to add more cargo space, or extra seats installed to accommodate a growing family, or for a taxi or shuttle business, we can remove, add, or alter seating configurations on cars, vans, and mini-buses to meet your specific needs.

As vehicle alteration specialists for commercial and domestic purposes, our team of experts specialise in all types of vehicle modifications, such as wheelchair conversions, taxi conversions, and vehicle seating alterations that not only meet the unique needs of our customers, but that comply with all vehicle modification requirements in Victoria.

Jamieson Auto Fit is a name you can trust, with over 28 years of experience in the automotive industry, we provide vehicle conversions and custom fit-out services that meet and exceed vehicle modification guidelines in Victoria.

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