Vehicle Modification 101: The Importance of Car Seat Safety to Prevent Injuries

13 March 2020

One risk that vehicle drivers and passengers always face is injuries from traffic collision incidents. This specific risk is the reason why vehicle manufacturers have been constantly updating and modifying the safety features available for their vehicles. After all, these vehicles carry their respective brand’s reputation every time they get into accidents and issues.

Stock car seats of every vehicle are tested to prioritise the overall safety of the passengers. Despite this fact, children will always be prone to injuries if ever your car collided with other vehicles or solid obstacles. To prevent children from getting injuries, you must install a suitable car seat on your vehicle.

Significance of Car Seats

As the population grows, the number of cars that are on the road every year is also increasing, making our road more dangerous than ever before. So, every time you are taking your children with you, you are risking them big time from potentially fatal accidents on the road. Fortunately, well-fitted car seats have helped reduce the risk of serious injuries among children by approximately 70%.

The body composition of every child is still sensitive from any external bumps since they are still developing their internal organs. Moreover, your children might squirm on their car seat if ever you don’t assist or secure them well. Hence, a well-fitted car seat must match the characteristics of your child. This seat must depend entirely on your child’s weight, size, and age. Without considering these factors, your car seat will be deemed useless and ineffective.

Car Seats to Avoid

As mentioned, your car seat must match some specific characteristics of your children. Without considering these elements, your car seat won’t be able to protect your child in the event of a car crash.

One thing that you should avoid in selecting your car seats includes contradicting sizes between your car seat and your child. Placing a small child in a big car seat doesn’t protect your child at all. Another thing that you should avoid is to install the car seat in a wrong position or location. A car seat base that is not flushed and securely fastened against the seat must also be avoided since it offers no protection to your children. Lastly, car seat buckles that are too loose can place your children to danger.

Tips for Car Seat Safety

There are some common car seat safety tips that you can follow. If your child is at least 24 months old, you must keep them in a rear-facing car seat to maintain safety benefits. A harness must also be used on children until they reach age seven. For children ages 8 to 12, you need to place them on booster seats to remain safe from any possible accidents. However, if your child weighs more than 90 pounds, you must not allow them to sit in the front seat or any seat that has an airbag.

For full protection, your car seats must be placed in the back centre seat of the car. Side seats can still be used if you have multiple car seats. You must also ensure that the straps will fit snugly against your child’s body, with the buckle flushed against your child’s chest.

Knowing about the importance and some tips about car seats can help you prevent injuries and save the lives of your children. If you want to install car seats on your vehicle, you can always contact us at Jamieson Auto Fit. We can provide vehicle conversions and custom fit-out services to Australian vehicle owners and members of the automotive industry.

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