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11 January 2014

Any aftermarket product that can be added to a production vehicle can be bought and installed by the owner. The question is whether that is a better option than working with a professional installer. Below are a few considerations to help anyone looking to customize a vehicle make the decision.

Professionally Fit out Options Last

When an amateur attempts to add a part to a vehicle, he or she is generally improvising. This improvisation means using tools and connectors that seem to get the job done. While this is generally safe when dealing with purely decorative additions, specific knowledge is required to not only install the addition, but to do so in a manner that will last. How much impact is a cargo cage likely to encounter in the event that cargo slides into it? What kind of connector is most likely to survive such an accident? How many connection points should there be to avoid having the cage tear free from the vehicle? This sort of question requires knowledge to answer; knowledge that the amateur installer simply does not have.

Safety Equipment Should Work

Adding safety equipment to factory standard equipment is often a wise choice. The problem with aftermarket safety devices is that improperly installed, they are often more dangerous than if they were totally absent. An aftermarket seat belt system is designed to be more supportive in the event of a crash than the factory installed option. Done poorly, it can instead apply that support to areas of the body not capable of handling it, resulting in further injury. Additionally, professionals understand where to locate release mechanisms for safety equipment to prevent accidental release but allow easy deliberate release to prevent a piece of safety equipment from becoming a trap.

Aftermarket Equipment Adds Weight

Vehicles are engineered to carry a certain amount of weight, balanced in a certain way. Adding heavy equipment to a vehicle often requires adjustment of the vehicle’s suspension system to handle the extra weight. This problem becomes even more of an issue if the weight affects the balance of the vehicle, like adding a wheelchair lift. Having an experienced vehicle fit out person do the job means these considerations will be dealt with. Having an amateur do it could result in a vehicle that is simply not safe for the road.

While any part can be bought and bolted in place by an amateur, having a real professional vehicle fit out instead will ensure that the addition works, lasts and does not compromise the operation of the vehicle.

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