Vehicle Cargo Barrier Installation in Melbourne: Why a DIY Job is Not Recommended?

14 July 2020

People tend to customise and modify their vehicles so that they can meet their specific needs. They add fittings and accessories that would not only make their vehicles look cool, but to provide adequate safety and enhanced reliability whenever they drive their vehicles around. Some of these fittings include roof racks, bull bars, nudge bars, tow bars, and many more.

All the mentioned fittings and accessories above can be installed easily, even without the need of a professional. However, some security features of a vehicle must be serviced and installed by professionals as they are more intricate and complicated. One security feature of a vehicle that must not be installed alone is the vehicle cargo barrier.

Importance of Vehicle Cargo Barriers

One main cause of injuries whenever a vehicular collision occurs is the flying loose objects that are coming from the backside of the vehicle. Whenever a car collides with either an object or another vehicle, almost all items that are stored in the back immediately hurl towards the passengers in the vehicle. The tossing action of these items would usually trap passengers inside the vehicle or even cause injuries and deaths.

But with vehicle cargo barriers, all the items that are found on the back of the vehicle will stay there no matter what happens. Even with sudden brakes, high-speed driving, and collisions, the barriers will maintain and keep your cargo away from the vehicle occupants. This functionality of the barriers helps minimise the damages and injuries that may occur during vehicular accidents.

Vehicle cargo barriers can also secure pets on the back of the car. Some pets tend to be playful with their owners. And when they are roaming freely inside the car, they might suddenly climb their way to the front seat and disturb you from driving. With enough space and security, these barriers can store your pets for a little while to avoid accidents while driving on the road.

The Problem with DIY Installation

Vehicle cargo barriers are typically installed in huge vehicles like vans, 4WDs, and station wagons. Considering the size of these vehicles, the installation of vehicle cargo barriers can be difficult and may take a significant amount of time. Also, vehicle owners who will be installing these accessories on their own may find it difficult to effectively fit the barriers on their cars. Given these complexities, it is safe to say that the installation of cargo barriers must be done by professionals.

The guidelines for installing safety measures in the vehicle are set by the authorities. Without following these guidelines, a vehicle owner may be questioned and be imposed with fines. Aside from legal issues, the safety of the vehicle occupants may be compromised since one simple mistake in DIY-ing the vehicle cargo barrier installation can easily cost you damages and injuries along the way. Vehicle owners who do not have adequate experience in choosing, buying, and installing these barriers could also incur excessive expenses due to the wrong set of fittings, tools, and the sizing of the cargo barrier itself.

Let Professionals Install Them Correctly

With professionals, all the possible mistakes and shortcomings of DIY installation will not occur. At Jamieson Auto Fit, we have already supplied more than 100 different cargo barriers, which are suitable for all the popular models of station wagons, 4WDs, and vans. Additionally, we have specialised in supplying and installing vehicle load restraints like cargo barriers, luggage barriers, or pet barriers in vehicles that are previously mentioned. Our barriers are mostly made from metal mesh construction and feature energy-absorbing safety straps and strong fittings into the vehicle subframe and roof areas.

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