Vehicle alterations to meet handicapped or multi-passenger needs

21 August 2014

In this day and time more often than not people are converting their vehicles to accommodate family members or others who have physical restrictions and have to use a wheel chair to get around. People are also converting their vehicles to accommodate growing families instead of having to buy a bigger vehicle.

Making alterations to a vehicle in the event of a physically restricted family member or other person rather it is for personal usage or company usage can sometimes be a little overwhelming. The good news about altering vehicles to accommodate physical disabilities is that in this time they have become more and more common. As a result of that altering your vehicle to accommodate this type of restriction has become fairly inexpensive and cheaper than years ago.

Keep in mind that there are several different ways to alter a vehicle to meet your needs. It also depends on the size of the vehicle as well. Also smaller vehicles can cost more to be able to turn it into a wheelchair accessible vehicle. The majority of wheelchair accessible vehicles are made to where there has to be someone who is not wheelchair restricted driving the vehicle. However as time has gone on this is not the case anymore.

Vehicles can also be transformed to where the restricted persons can get or themselves around by driving on their own. The changes or update on vehicles widely depends upon the type of physical restriction the individual has as well. When looking into wheelchair accessible alterations you need to have an idea of what you need and or the other person needs.

The most popular alteration to vehicles in this day is expanding them due to a growing family. Now not all vehicles can be altered to hold more people. For instance a small car that has literally no room to add anymore seating. This is the tricky part.

Vans, SUV’s and trucks are the most commonly altered vehicles simply because there is more seating space. Seats can be added to the rear of a van in the cargo area. With SUV’s seats can be added in the hatch or cargo area by installing another row of seats. Rumble seats are smaller sized seats that are installed in the backs of vehicles and can be folded down when not in use.

The rumble seats originated in the 1900’s and are not as popular today as they were back then. Rumble seats have been known to be installed in the backs of small cars with the trunk top being removed to accommodate this change. However, if you are actually planning on doing this you should be aware that you will not normally have any protection from the weather hazards. However, rumble seats are very popular with people who own trucks for the simple fact in some states it is not illegal to ride in the back of a truck and let’s face it the seats are going to be a lot more comfortable than sitting on the bed of the truck.

They are also as said before easily folded down until needed again. There are many different ways you can alter a vehicle to suit your needs as an individual rather it’s due to a growing family or a handicapped family member.

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