Uses and Functions of False Floors in Vehicles

09 November 2015

Uses and functions of false floors in vehicles are not spoken of often enough that people know what they are, and how they can benefit from them. Vehicles have the inevitable tendency to become cramped, and space is always in demand, especially when you need to carry important cargo, like passengers dependent on the use of wheelchairs.

Vehicles which are specifically designed for the use of persons with a handicap may require more space and accessibility than conventional vehicles. Because of this necessity, some vehicles may sport false floors, which function as additional storage spaces.

While very uncommon in standard vehicles, false flooring on custom-made vehicles for general or specialised usage provides a wider range of possibility for ergonomic access and functionality, when compared with more standardised types of vehicular flooring.

If you’re new to the concept of false flooring for cars and other vehicles, here’s a quick look at their myriad uses.

The Benefits of False Flooring on Vehicles

If you’re looking for additional storage space or want to increase the overall storage capacity of your vehicle, false flooring may help give you exactly what you need. False flooring is an easily installable and removable accessory that is custom-made to fit the original flooring of your car. It can be raised to any platform length and made from your choice of material.

Some false floors are made of wood or ply board, while other examples are made for heavy-duty industrial use, and these are made from either lightweight aluminum or thin, tempered steel. Depending on your specific needs, a false floor can come in handy as a hidden storage space for various tools and accessories that you wouldn’t want littered all around your vehicle.

For some individuals, having a false bottom allows them to hide awesome vehicular modifications like sound systems, additional ventilation options, an improved cooling or heating system, or practically just about anything that a person can imagine. For individuals who have to cope with some form of handicap, false flooring not only provides a little extra space for their specialised needs, such as wheelchairs, and does away with the need for constant assistance, but it also provides an ergonomically accessible means of storage.

This in turn liberates individuals with movement restrictions and allows them to function with as much freedom as possible. Whatever you intend to use a car’s false floor for; you can find out much more information about false flooring when you visit the friendly folks at Jamieson Auto Fit.

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