Travel Easy with Comfort for the Handicap with Proper Wheelchair Accessibility for Vans

24 February 2016

If you have difficulty travelling, because you or someone you care for has a handicap of some kind, then a bus or van equipped with a wheelchair ramp or lift is important, especially when travelling long distances. Comfort is paramount when travelling for those with limited movement, and extra space inside vans. In fact, it means so much on long trips, for those who depend on crutches, walking canes, motor carts and wheelchairs, they appreciate proper wheelchair accessibility for vans and buses, because entering and exiting vehicles isn’t easy.

Wheelchair Accessibility for Vans Equals Greater Comfort

Here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we care for all of our customers’ auto needs, and they vary much, such as cargo carriers that help people organise, store and carry all size of packages safely, even pets. Some folks need extra seating installed or need to have vehicle seating removed, to create a larger cargo space. There are many ways to customise, or alter, vehicles to meet anyone’s needs.

However, we take extra, personal interest in customers who depend on the use of wheelchairs, or that have any handicap that restricts movement, that is why we specialise in wheelchair accessibility for vans, minibuses and buses. All of our staff here are knowledgeable about adaptive equipment for auto-mobiles that are available today, things such as wheelchair ramps, wheelchair lifts, wheelchair restraints, power sliding doors, fold out ramps, power seats and remotely controlled systems; all of which make travelling easier and more comfortable, for everyone.

We can meet Your Transportation Requirements

If you have specific transportation needs, such as making your van easier to board and disembark, then we can help, in many ways. Here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we want to meet your specific needs, and there are many auto fit out options available that most people are unaware about, especially in regards to adaptive equipment for auto-mobiles, wheelchair conversions and wheelchair accessibility for minibuses, buses and vans.

For those new owners of wheelchair accessible vans, they can’t imagine how they managed to travel without them before? So, contact us to discuss the individual transportation requirements you have that can make travelling easier and more comfortable.

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