Transform your vehicle into a mobile kennel with cargo barriers

16 February 2015

Has owning a vehicle made life easier for you? Sure it has. It has carried heavy loads and gotten you places. You’ve used it to travel, go to work, run errands, do the groceries, take your kids to school, and so many other things. It’s served you well like a faithful friend. Meanwhile, pet owners and animal handlers have found a different purpose for vehicles. They use them to transport their furry friends. The larger the car, the bigger the animal they could fit inside.

However, in the eyes of pet owners, there are a few problems with vehicles … they haven’t been modified for animal transportation. Most cars and station wagons have limited space because car seats often get in the way. Plastic interior, seating and glass car windows are prone to breakage and make them unsafe for moving ‘non-domesticated’ animals. Traveling with two or more creatures might also be impossible, especially if they don’t get along. There is a solution to all this, transform your vehicle into a mobile kennel.

Why should I transform my vehicle?

Turning your car into a mobile kennel is possible, and it allows you to make full use of available space. Jamieson Autofit can remove unnecessary car features like seats and compartments to make this possible. This gives you the chance to transport more (and larger) animals, or multiple pets, as well as give them more freedom to move about.

Adding cargo barriers to your vehicle makes this possible. These are ideally suitable for traveling with pets and other animals, or used for transporting large packages, luggage or delivery stocks. When placed over car windows, they act as metal grills that protect the glass or plastic from breaking. This prevents injury to animals and prevents the possibility of escape. When placed inside vehicles, they act as partitions.

Cargo barriers can divide a larger space to smaller ones so that you can fit more creatures into your vehicle. Partitioning a mobile kennel also lets you transport different kinds of animals at a time without having to worry if they get along or if they might end up hurting each other. Jamieson Autofit can modify your vehicle to suit your specific needs.

Opting to transform your vehicle into a mobile kennel is cost-efficient too. Rather than spend money to buy a truck or hire animal transportation services, you can simply have an existing car modified by Jamieson. Your vehicle doesn’t have to lose its original function. You may continue to use it for other things besides moving animals. It is still viable for personal uses and since it already has cargo barriers, you can use it to carry cargo as well.

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