Tow Bar Installation by Jamieson Autofit

16 November 2016

It’s a fact that motorised vehicles are an inescapable necessity in today’s busy world, these are used daily for commercial, industrial and personal travel, as well as for moving cargo. With the sheer amount of vehicles on the road, it’s eventually bound to happen, these breakdown, for one reason or another, and will then need to be moved or towed to an auto shop for repair. With that said, getting ‘there’ – to an auto repair shop, is not as easy as it sounds, it requires towing.

Vehicles with tow bars installed are easier and safer to move than ones without. While most folks never consider the need for a tow bar on their vehicles, a profound realisation of how helpful these really are occurs when a vehicle breaks down, and needs to be towed to an auto shop for repair. Potentially, everyone who drives an auto mobile will need a tow, at some point, as accidents and mechanical problems can happen at unexpected times.

Not everyone plans for such a situation, where they need to be towed. In fact, most people don’t actually carry a tie-line to be able to attach their vehicle to another, for the purpose of towing. Without a proper tie-line and tow bar, towing a vehicle can be hazardous, especially when a make-shift tow line is used, such as low calibre rope or chain, as these could break under tension.

Attaching a tow line to a vehicle that does not have a tow bar can cause damage, not only the vehicle being towed, but also to the one towing. This is especially true if the tow line is attached to a part of a car of truck that cannot handle the weight of the vehicle being towed, and breaks. However, when two vehicles have tow bars installed, towing is much safer and easier because these are firmly attached to each vehicles’ chassis.

While a tow bar is a valuable vehicle accessory, these also come in handy when others on the road need help. The capability to help others by providing a safe tow just makes good sense, and, tow bars are easier to install than most people would imagine. Tow bar installation, by Jamieson Auto Fit, is affordable and fast, and it will ensure that if you ever need a tow, your vehicle can be moved safe and easy.

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