Top Reasons Why You Should Add a Bull Bar on Your Car

18 November 2021

Some car owners normally choose to leave their cars on their default configuration. Others, alternatively, prefer to add some accessories so that they can modify several of their key properties and features. One accessory that is often added to cars is the bull bar.

A bull bar is an accessory that is typically installed in front of a vehicle. Most of the time, this accessory is installed in four-wheel drives and other off-road cars, ensuring that they can be robust against accidental or intentional collisions. To ensure that they can carry out their functions, manufacturers would produce them out of either plastic, steel, or aluminium.

If you want to protect your car from getting damaged, you may want to add a bull bar. Here are some of the notable reasons why you should add a bull bar to your car.

Improve Protection

One reason why you should add a bull bar to your car is that it can improve the protection of your vehicle from damaging elements. You see, your vehicle will always be exposed to outdoor elements as you drive it to your intended destination. And if the path towards your area is filled with sticks, logs, rocks, and other elements, then having a bull bar can protect your car’s chassis, bumper, and headlights from them. Having a bull bar can also protect your vehicle from the damages that are caused by animal collisions.

Minimise Injuries

Another reason why adding a bull bar is recommended on your car is that it can minimise any injuries that may occur during the drive. Once your vehicle has collided with surrounding elements, its bull bar can effectively decrease the impact of the collision. The significant decrease in the impact can help people inside your car to be much safer compared to a vehicle that does not possess the said accessory.

Permit Mounting

Aside from ensuring the protection of the vehicle and the passengers, adding a bull bar to your car can provide you with additional mounting areas for other accessories. Since your bull bar is expected to cover a huge portion of your car’s front part, it can easily allow you to mount antennas, flags, and even lights. Even with mounted accessories, the bull bar of your car will securely hold them despite travelling or driving on rough and rocky terrain.

Enhance Approach Angle

As previously stated, bull bars are often maximised in four-wheel drives and other off-road cars. Since these vehicles are expected to traverse rough terrains, adding bull bars can help in enhancing their approach angle. By adding a bull bar in your vehicle, the bumper of your car will be prevented from touching the rocky terrain. Alternatively, if your vehicle is close to the terrain, the only thing that will be scratched is the bull bar.

Boost Overall Appeal

Adding a bull bar does not only reinforce the strength of your vehicle but can also improve its overall appeal. The presence of a bull bar in front of your car can give it a bold and brave look.

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