Top 5 Reasons Why You Might Need to Alter Your Van’s Seating Position

11 June 2020

Car manufacturers usually make car seats that bring comfort and safety to vehicle occupants. In making the car seats, manufacturers would use materials and additional processes that can withstand damaging elements such as liquid spills, dust, dirt, scratches, and many more. And while all these factors are considered throughout the manufacturing process of car seats, some vehicle owners still face issues when it comes to their seats.

One key issue with seats, particularly in vans, is the seating position. The inconveniences brought by the problems surrounding a van’s seating position usually call for an alteration of van’s seating position. There might be instances where the seat’s position and available space are not sufficient and well-thought-out. Others, however, raise serious concerns about their safety and protection. If you are not sure, here are some reasons why you might also need to alter your van’s seating position.

Lack of Seats

You may have purchased your van way back when your family is still small. However, as your family grows, your common needs also increase. This need also extends to your van, where your seats are already insufficient to accommodate your entire family. Aside from your family, the lack of seat problems can also be manifested when you are attempting to bring all your friends on a vacation trip. With alteration, you can expect your van to have seats that are available for additional passengers.


The needs of each vehicle owner vary depending on their current situation. Numerous van owners may have a problem with a lack of seating. Others, however, want to have more room and space for their things and occupants. If you are constantly using your van to carry huge cargo or animals, then having a large room inside your van can truly help you. Some car seats might be removed or reorganised to give you more space and freedom in transporting important things.

Storage Shortage

Somehow related to overcrowding, some people want to acquire additional storage for their vans since they use them for businesses every day. While it is true that most vans have already ample spaces and compartments for storing goods and products, these spaces are not enough to hold all their products properly and securely. The alteration of van’s seating position will hugely deal with the installation of racks, shelves, and other storage products in exchange for some seats and floor areas.

Safety Concerns

Vans are typically secured with safety features that help mitigate drastic injuries and fatalities. However, if you want to further enhance the safety of your whole family, then altering your van’s seating position is a must. One common way of ensuring safety is to install cargo or pet barriers since they help in preventing your cargo from rolling over and injuring you and your passengers during collisions. Even your pets can be safe with barriers as they decrease their chance of escaping.

Special Needs

The usual van’s seating position and its features may cover the specific need of almost all drivers and passengers. However, some van features may be incompatible with the needs of handicapped motorists and passengers. Fortunately, van’s seating position can be altered through the installation of special fittings. Some of these fittings include automated sliding or swing doors, remote control systems, wheelchair lifts and ramps, and many more.

If you find yourself in these situations, then you may really need to alter your van’s seating position and its features. For more information about seat alterations, feel free to contact us at Jamieson Auto Fit. We have around 30 years of experience providing vehicle conversions and custom fit-out services to Australian vehicle owners and members of the automotive industry.

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