Tips for Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Van

18 August 2017

If you are personally in the market for a wheelchair accessible van, whether for yourself, for a friend or a family member, there are some things you should know before you make a final decision. There are many wheelchair accessible vans for sale today, with a variety of different configurations and features available that you should know about to help you make the best informed decision. The most important thing to consider when looking for a wheelchair accessible van is whether it can meet your changing needs.

To help those shopping for a wheelchair accessible van, here are some very helpful tips that will point one in the best direction.

Helpful Tips for Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Van to Meet Your Lifestyle Needs

The main consideration when deciding on buying a wheelchair accessible van should be based on your unique situation and needs, here a few question to ask yourself to narrow down your choices:

1. Is the van within your budget?

There are many amazing wheelchair accessible vans available, and frankly, some are very expensive, so the first consideration is to find one within your maximum budget range. Not to worry, even if a wheelchair accessible van you can afford doesn’t have all the accessories you fancy, you can have an auto fit done later to alter the vehicle to your liking.

2. What specific features do you want the vehicle to have?

Vehicle features such as power sliding doors, removable seats, sunroof, navigation aid, backup camera, and a DVD player are important key features to consider, but again, these can be added later if the vehicle you are interest in is lacking any of these.

3. Is the van used by a caregiver or a wheelchair user?

Most wheelchair accessible vans and minibuses are specifically designed to transport passengers using a wheelchair, however, some vehicles are constructed for adaptive drivers – a driver in a wheelchair. If this is the case, and an adaptive wheelchair van cannot be found, a van wheelchair conversion is possible, and, it could be cheaper than buying a new one.

Here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we specialise in wheelchair conversions for vans, minibuses, and buses. No matter what alterations you need to make to your vehicle, such as adding a remote controlled fold out ramp system, power sliding doors, or alterations made for adaptive drivers, our expert technician can accommodate your needs, at an affordable price.

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