Things That Parents Should Know About Vehicle Customisation for Their Handicapped Children

15 June 2016

Parents of handicapped children often need to perform vehicle customisation in order to be able to transport their children safely to and from school, activities and various appointments. All modifications must still meet Australian safety standards at the same time that they provide parents with an adequate means of transportation for their handicapped children. For this reason, parents should turn to experts in vehicle modifications to achieve this goal. Our company, Jamieson Auto Fit, has the expertise to alter your vehicle in the proper manner for your unique requirements if you are faced with this situation at present. Before you proceed, we would like to share certain considerations with you to ensure you understand the decisions you may need to make in modifying your vehicle.

Ensure That Your Vehicle Will Handle Modications

You need to ensure that your vehicle will handle all modifications. For example, if you need to transport your child in a wheelchair, your sedan will not work for the necessary modications that allow for this to occur smoothly. As a result, you may need to invest in a vehicle such as a minivan.

Receive Professional Guidance on Which Modifications Are Necessary

When in doubt, ask for professional guidance from a physical or occupational therapist about which customisations are necessary. Often, it comes down to whether or not your child can ride safely in a properly designed seat with restraints or needs to stay in his or her wheelchair during transport. The latter requires your vehicle to obtain extensive modications in most cases.

Consult With Our Company to Learn How We Can Fulfil Your Needs

After you discover what modications are necessary to allow you to transport your child in a safe manner, consult with our company to learn how we will fulfil your needs in this area. Our company provides the following services:

  • Wheelchair conversions include such elements as chair lifts, ramps for wheelchairs and creating a safe area inside the vehicle for the wheelchair complete with safety restraints for the wheelchair.
  • Vehicle seat alterations include reclining seats, rotating ability and proper safety restraints.
  • Installation of additional seating to accommodate all passengers is another type of vehicle customisation that we perform that may be necessary to transport handicapped children.
  • Other modifications are available

To learn additional facts about our expertise in vehicle customisation for handicapped children, contact us at your earliest convenience. We will explain in detail how we can help you transport your handicapped child in a safe, reliable manner.

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