The Many Advantages of Wheelchair Accessible Vans

27 July 2015

Decades ago, owning a motorised vehicle was an undeniable luxury. Today, that luxury is now a necessity for people from all walks of life. In developed countries this is truer than in other parts of the world, however, cars, trucks and vans are now a major means of personal and public transportation. In Australia, nearly all people own at least one vehicle. While there are indeed great benefits to having a car or van and being able to drive them, not all people are fortunate enough, or able enough to board these without difficultly.

People with handicaps, for example, are unable to easily board a car or van as readily as most individuals. Because of this, new innovations have been developed like wheelchair accessible vans that allow easy loading of passengers. These specially fitted vans allow for easier entry and egress into the vehicle in spite of a person’s need to use a wheelchair.

In this way, wheelchair accessible vans are one common example of the importance custom modified auto conversions, especially when taking into account the special needs of individuals bound to wheelchairs. Why vans? Among cars, trucks and vans, vans are now quite popular among people today, primarily because vans offer more storage and passenger space, as well as being generally more geared towards ease-of-travel. This is the reason why vans are being converted into wheelchair accessible vans, they serve the purpose perfectly.

The Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Unlike most typical vehicles, vans that allow ample entry and egress for those with special needs, and those bound to the use of wheelchairs, need to be especially designed with several things in mind. It’s one thing to create an ‘accessible’ van that caters to an individual’s needs as a passenger, only fairly recently have auto conversion designers catered to the handicapped needs of individual drivers. Aside from being more accessible to passenger, there are modifications and innovative changes to the overall scheme of the vehicle’s operation ‘system’, allowing wheelchair users to drive their own van.

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are generally everything a typical automobile is, but with the addition of features that enhance driving, control, safety, and ease of access. An auto fit such as this, levels the playing field. Now, for those who rely on wheelchairs to get around can now be self-supportive and mobile, without having to rely solely on others for help. Wheelchair accessible vans are truly life changing.

Most vans and specialized vehicles of type tend to be generally unavailable in the common market, or, if at all available, fetch very high prices. Thankfully, auto fit specialist like Jamieson Auto Fit can convert your van into a specialized vehicle that easily accessible, ergonomically designed, safe and reliable for individuals with special needs, or to add extra van seating.

If you’re conscious about your comfort and safety when you have to travel, and you would rather not have to go through the whole trouble of loading your wheelchair into a typical vehicle, then consider converting a van into a wheelchair accessible van.

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