The Importance of Wheelchair Restraints for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

09 May 2018

Whether you own a wheelchair accessible vehicle, or you are planning to purchase one, or you are considering having a wheelchair conversion done to your van, making sure to have the best wheelchair restraints installed is important. In wheelchair accessible vehicles, there should be two types of seating restraints available, one for transfer seats and another for securing wheelchairs (wheelchair tie-downs).

Types of Wheelchair Restraints for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Transfer seat restraints – transfer seats consist of lap belts and shoulder straps to comfortably secure wheelchair occupants and allow them to transfer into the driver’s seat, rather than choose to drive while sitting in a wheelchair. These typically have an electronically controlled base that allows the seat to move up or down, side to side, and forward and back, for comfort and accessibility, and they are adjustable to fit all sizes of people. Lap belts and shoulder straps consist as a part of a wheelchair seatbelt system.

Much the same as standard vehicle seatbelts, but specially designed for wheelchair vehicle conversions, seat restraints can accommodate all sizes of drivers and be adjustable to the full movement of the transfer seat.

Wheelchair restraints – wheelchair restraints and wheelchair tie-downs retractors are very important, and there are a range of types to choose from. These are specially designed to anchor wheelchairs inside wheelchair accessible vehicles like buses, minibuses, and vans firmly, with the passenger seated in their wheelchair. Wheelchair restraints allow the ability to quickly adjust more tension to the lengths of straps.

The importance of wheelchair restraints and tie-downs retractors can’t be over emphasised, as these ensure the safety and comfort of wheelchair passengers as vehicles are in motion.

Vehicle locks for wheelchairs – mounted on the floor of wheelchair accessible vehicles, vehicle locks attach directly to the frame of wheelchairs to secure them to the floor, rather than using just straps and belts. Using vehicle locks, along with wheelchair restraints, is the most effective way to ensure the safety of passengers with wheelchairs travelling in wheelchair accessible vehicles such as busses, minibuses, and vans.

If you have a wheelchair accessible vehicle, or you are planning to have a wheelchair conversion for a van, bus, or minibus, and you want to make sure that you have the best wheelchair restraints, transfer seat safety belts, straps, and vehicle locks and tie-down retractors available, to meet the legal requirements for wheel chair accessible taxis (WATs), then Jamieson Auto Fit is here to help you.

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