The Importance of Service Vehicle Conversion and Fitout for Commercial Businesses

13 May 2016

Investing in service vehicles for commercial businesses is not as easy as simply buying them as-is off a car dealer’s lot, they need to be altered to meet the needs of the company, and this is why service vehicle conversion and fitout is important. There are many fitout options available for service vehicles that are new, and many companies have yet to know about them. But, vehicle fitouts today can meet the demanding needs of any business’s requirements, such as the following:

  • Additional internal and external lighting, including floor and ceiling lining.
  • Installation of extra van seating.
  • Roofbars, racks, ladder posts, grab handles, rails, tie downs and bazookas.
  • Additional vehicle shelves and storage drawers.
  • Cargo barriers.

Service vehicles are important tools that companies use to achieve their business goals, and oufiting them to maximize efficiency just makes good business sense. That is exactly why so many successful companies hire the best vehicle conversion specialists they can find, like Jamieson Auto Fit.

The Best Service Vehicle Conversion and Fitout

At Jamieson Auto Fit, we can increase the internal storage space of your company’s fleet vehicles by twenty five percent or more, and add new external storage space on the roof if needed. Our experts can modify any commercial vehicle brand and model to specifically cater to your business’s needs, by installing shelving, rearranging the seating, adding extra seats, or removing them when more space is needed.

In most cases, recovering the costs of service vehicle conversions and specially designed fitouts is possible in as little as a few months. Basically, more vehicle storage allows for more products and services to be delivered or used, and that means more profits. Some commercial businesses require load restraints, barriers, and pet transportation facilities that not only secures the precious cargo, but that also protects the vehicle.

There is no doubt that service vehicle conversion and fitout has become an integral part of commercial businesses as companies strive to offer the best services possible, and that often requires a constant need for upgrading their service vehicles when needed.

Here at Jamieson Auto Fit, we can help commercial businesses with any vehicle fitout or conversion, to meet their specific seating or storage needs. Feel free to call us today to inquire about our professional services.

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