The Importance of Securing Your Pets with Cargo Barriers during Travel

16 November 2015

Anyone who has owned a pet knows that they are like children in our care, feeding them, caring for their basic needs and physical safety is a pet owner’s responsibility. While at home, your pet’s environment may be comfortable, safe, quiet and calming, but travelling by automobile can be a completely opposite environment and the experience can be nothing short of traumatising for a pet such as a dog. Why is that?

The inside of an automobile is designed for human use. The seating has restraints meant to keep folks in their seats at all time, for safety sake. Well, vans, cars, trucks and utility vehicles don’t have ‘pet’ seating, which leaves dogs and other pets surfing the seats as the vehicle propels itself down the bumpy roads. Animals placed inside automobiles feel pressed in the confined space called the ‘cabin’, and they often get irritated, uncomfortable, scarred and often panic when the vehicle is in motion.

Animals in this mind-set will try to either get out of the vehicle or at least try and find a stable place to ‘hold on’ – a designated place they can sit or lay until the trip has ended. And, that is when a cargo barrier can solve this problem, for pets’ sake.

Cargo Barriers and the Importance of Securing your Pets During Travel

A cargo barrier installed in your car, van or truck create a space not only for cargo that needs to be protected and secured during travel, but these also provide an ideal space for your pet to lay while the vehicle is in motion. A custom-fit cargo barrier also keeps dogs from jumping around inside your vehicle when they get excited or scarred, this can cause them to become injured or even damage the seats of your car.

Probably one of the most important benefits of installing a cargo barrier in your vehicle, for your pet’s safety, is that these barriers prevent dogs and cats from jumping out an open cabin window, especially when you least expect it. Can a cargo barrier be installed in any vehicle? Although there are standard sized cargo barriers, these may not fit every type of automobile, however custom cargo barriers can be professionally installed in almost any type of vehicles’ free space.

If you are a pet owner that likes to travel often with your fury friend, like going to the beach or to the park, installing a cargo barrier just makes sense, mainly for the benefit of your pet’s safety.

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