The Importance of Proper Ventilation and Air Conditioning in Vehicles

29 March 2017

Keeping a vehicle in good working order is important, such as maintaining the engine, the exhaust system, and all the running lights in good condition. These are all important aspects in keeping a vehicle road-worthy, however, maintaining the proper ventilation and air conditioning in vehicles is also important, and often overlooked.

The Reason Why Proper Ventilation and Air Conditioning in Vehicles is Important

Basically, the heating system inside a car is specially designed not only to keep you warm and comfortable when it is cold outside, but is has another purpose too. The heater fan, the blower, the heater control valve, and the hoses that run under the dash board also serve another purpose, these are shared with the air conditioning system.

In fact, nearly all the components of the heater and air conditioner are shared, with the exception of core heating and cooling components, such as the heating core, the refrigerant, and condenser. The cooling system in the engine is also used with the heating system to generate heat, as well as heat expelled through the exhaust system is also harvested. So, when one shared component doesn’t function the way it should, both the heating and cooling system are negatively affected.

Considering this, it is important to have your vehicle’s cooling and heating system checked when experiencing the heater or air conditioning is not functioning properly. Conditions to watch out for include improper airflow into the cab, fogging of the windshield when the defrost system is engaged, strange smells, and even unusual noises coming from the fan are just a few examples. Observing any one of these conditions should motivate one to have their vehicle’s heating and cooling system inspected.

Suggested Frequency of Heating and Cooling System Inspections

Having the heating system and cooling system checked by professional is suggested at least once a year, so that if there are any potential problems developing, these can be addressed and fixed before it becomes problematic down the road. However, if any of the above mentioned problems are observed then an inspection is warranted as soon as possible.

A well maintained heating and cooling system has its benefits, it lets you drive comfortably in hot and cold weather. So, when these don’t function as they should, bring your vehicle down to Jamieson Auto fit, we make sure that these are working as they should, and we can also make alterations to improve both your heating and cooling systems.

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