The Importance of Following Safety Measures When Doing Vehicle Custom Fitouts

14 September 2017

A custom vehicle fitout is the ideal means to get more functionality out of your car, truck, van, or mini bus, that’s because stock vehicles often do not meet the specific needs of vehicle owners. For example, by adding extra seats you can carry more passengers. Also, vehicles used to deliver products and services can have their unused seats removed, freeing up space to carry more cargo, tools, equipment, or products.

Such vehicles can also install cargo barriers to better organise the things that the carry, which will prevent loose items from shifting around while the vehicle is in motion, so as not to damage the interior of the vehicle. Or worse, loose cargo can injure the driver and or passengers if a vehicle has to stop abruptly, or during a collision, or emergency manoeuvers have to be made at a moment’s notice.

Altering any vehicle is serious business, and there are safety measures and guidelines that need to be met when alterations are done. Safety measures and guidelines are established by VicRoads, and these must be met before a vehicle can be allowed to drive legally and safely on the road. Basically, any changes or modification of a stock vehicle, even common vehicle modifications such as seat alterations, need to follow strict specifications to meet the government’s registration requirements.

The Importance of Following Safety Guidelines during Vehicle Modification

There are very important reasons why guidelines need to be met when making modifications, mainly for the sake of safety. Also, often after a custom auto fitout a vehicle’s description needs to be changed, and that requires approval by VicRoads. Taxi conversions, altering seating configurations, and wheelchair conversions for vans are all good examples of vehicle modifications that change the description and purpose of vehicles that require special registration by VicRoads.

Here at Jamieson Auto Fit, our expert vehicle modification specialists can meet and even exceed all safety standards set down by VicRoads. Whether it is simply altering a vehicle’s seating configuration, or whether it is a wheelchair conversion or other modification that will change a vehicle description, we can obtain the necessary Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) approval certificate, which allows the vehicle to be used on the road, legally.

If you need to get more functionality out of your vehicle, whether for business or for personal use, visit Jamieson Auto Fit and discover what options are available to you. We have over 28 years of experience in the automotive industry, and we provide all types of vehicle conversions and custom fit-out services.

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