The Importance of Age and Size-Appropriate Car Seats and Seat Belts for Children’s Safety

03 December 2019

Owning your car can be convenient especially for those who are not fond of taking public transportation. And if you are among those who have children, then this very car can be the most convenient way for you to travel around and outside your neighbourhood.

Just like your land and property, owning a car is complemented with a long list of responsibilities. From its maintenance down to its usage, you, as the sole owner, must be wary about the dos and don’ts of owning a car. Following traffic regulations is just a part of being a car owner, and compromising the safety of your family, especially your children, must be not an option for you.

The Role of Car Seats and Seat Belts

If you love your children, you will do everything just to protect them from any form of harm and danger. When owning a car, one of the things that you must do right away is to teach them how to use their seat belts effectively. However, if they don’t have enough strength to pull the seat belts from the car seat, you may want to assist them for now.

Seat belts play a huge role not only for your children but for you and other passengers on board your car. Aside from any safety features of your car, these seat belts can prevent you from taking major injuries when a crash has occurred. Seat belts can even reduce the risk of contact with the interior of the vehicle. They can also distribute the forces of a crash all over the strongest parts of your body and prevent the passengers from being ejected outside the vehicle.

The safety features of seat belts can also play the same role with car seats. Car seats, especially those that are modified for children, share the same benefits of the seat belts when your car crashes at any given time.

Car seats can spread the crash forces over your body, distributing the stress all over your body parts including your shoulders, chest, hips, back, neck, and head. Also, when properly installed in a car seat, your body tends to slow down gradually when a crash occurs. This motion can prevent you and your passengers from instantly bumping forward if your car immediately hits the brake and crashes.

Getting Age and Size-Appropriate Car Seats and Seat Belts

Installing seat belts is not enough to provide safety and security for your children. Most often than not, car manufacturers design seat belts according to the size and height of adults. Some may be adjusted, but they are not enough to properly hold the children whenever a crash occurs. Luckily, some companies can provide modified car seats and seat belts.

Depending on the age of your children, both your car seats and seat belts must fit them to ensure safety whatever happens to your road trip. The best seat belt design for your children is the three-point lap and diagonal seat-belt since it yields the least injuries and fatalities among drivers and passengers all over the world.

From the design, the correct seat belt fitting must utilise both the shoulder and lap belt. The shoulder belt must cross the shoulder between the neck and arm, while the lap belt must be at the lowest possible height at least touches the thighs so that the crash force is distributed onto the hip bones. Don’t let these belts come loose as your passengers can still be prone to major injuries.

Car seats must also be customised according to your children’s age and their corresponding weight. If you have infants, then an infant-only car seat can be used as long as they weigh 20 to 22 pounds. This car seat can even be attached to your stroller. Forward-facing only car seats can carry children up to 65 pounds or more. For children who weigh 40-65 pounds, a combination car seat can hold them as long as the harness is installed. Once you remove the harness, this specific car seat can now hold for children up to 80-100 pounds.

Accidents may happen anytime. The best way to protect your whole family from these accidents is to do the best thing possible to minimise any possible damage and injuries from crashes and other types of accidents. If you want to have your customised car seats and seat belts, then contact us now at Jamieson Auto Fit. We have more than 20 years of experience in providing vehicle conversions and custom fit-out services for vehicle owners all over Australia.

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