The Importance of Adding Grab Handles in Taxi Conversion

07 June 2021

Taxis are deemed to help ensure the stability of the Australian transportation network. Through these vehicles, they can effectively serve as the best substitute for some people, especially if they will be travelling to specific places. Paired with numerous service improvements like hassle-free payment and booking process, taxis will truly stay as one crucial part of the aforementioned network.

Taxi owners often have to consider every feature that may be important for their vehicles. Taxis may have electronic fare meters for more accurate transportation fares. They may also be equipped with GPS so that their movement can be tracked remotely. Multiple payment options might likewise be integrated so that customers can pay seamlessly. But apart from these modern features, taxis must also have conventional fittings that can make them safe and efficient. One of these fittings is the grab handle.

Common Misconceptions about Grab Handles

Grab handles are often installed on the ceiling above doors inside the vehicle. For a long time, however, people have used these fittings wrongly.

One common mistake that people tend to do with these grab handles is to hold onto them when driving or approaching a corner at a fast speed. For passengers and drivers alike, grabbing into these handles might help them balance themselves and feel safer. However, doing this can be dangerous. At a fast speed, the arms of both the drivers and the passengers might break while holding onto these handles, especially if the side-impact airbags are deployed due to collision. Additionally, drivers who will grab these fittings might only cause accidents since they cannot manoeuvre the steering wheels effectively.

Another mistake that people tend to do with these grab handles is to hang their clothes and other things. While some people truly do this act, it can somehow cause visibility issues in the surroundings. It might likewise put some added weight on the ceiling, which can ultimately lead to damages.

Adding Grab Handles and Using Them Right

The addition of grab handles in taxis and other vehicles can be beneficial for both drivers and passengers due to a key reason. With grab handles, both drivers and passengers can get in and out of the cars easily. And when installed correctly, these fittings can surely sustain the weight of the people entering or leaving the car. The instances of tripping or slipping in and out of the taxi will be reduced significantly with the integration of durable grab handles.

One group of people that can surely benefit from grab handles is the elderly. Since they might still utilise taxis for their trips, the presence of grab handles can ensure that they can enter and leave these cars with ease. Those who have impaired movement or who are pregnant can also take advantage of taxis with grab handles, enabling them to get in and out of the car without tripping or falling.

To obtain grab handles for your taxis, just give us a call at Jamieson Auto Fit. We have over 28 years of experience providing vehicle conversions and custom fit-out services to Australian vehicle owners.


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