The Dangers of Unrestrained Cargo and How to Keep Them Safe

25 May 2022

Most businesses use vans to load different types of products. Some may be delivering tons of fruits and vegetables to their clients, while others may have to supply varying tools and products to their beloved loyal customers. If you are currently maximising vans in loading and transporting various products, you must ensure they are restrained effectively.

You see, different types of cargo being loaded in your commercial vehicle may also have varying sizes. Some may be small, but others can be enormous. And since their quantity also varies, you may end up with a van filled with products of varying sizes and quantities.

Restraining them in place inside your vehicle is crucial to their overall loading and transport. Failure to confine them will only put a lot of risk to your vehicle, your employees, and other vehicles on the road.

The Risks of Unrestrained Cargo

Letting your cargo move on the back part of your vehicle will only introduce risks to your vehicle, your employees, and their surroundings.

For one, unrestrained cargo can provide impact damage to various parts of your van. As your heavy loads move around your van, keeping them loose will only allow them to move and collide with various parts and surfaces of your vehicle. After the trip, you and your employees may be surprised by the damages they have generated just by rocking back and forth. This risk will only force you to have your vehicle fixed and serviced, requiring you to spend a lot of money.

Another risk of unrestrained cargo is impact injury to the passengers of your van. The weight of your loads does not matter if they keep on moving inside the vehicle. Once your van abruptly stops, some of your tools and products may fly towards the front seats, which can injure some van passengers.

One more risk of unrestrained cargo is road accidents. Since some of your products are not secured effectively, they have a large chance of breaking through the windows and falling on the road. And if your vehicle is travelling at high speed, the impact of your falling and tumbling cargo can be significantly dangerous to nearby vehicles.

Keep the Cargo Safe and Secure

Fortunately, cargo can be secured by installing the right accessory or fitting.

One great way to keep your cargo secure is to install a cargo barrier. The addition of a cargo barrier is a first step in preventing your loads from infiltrating the passenger area of your vehicle. A cargo barrier can likewise prevent them from getting thrown out of the vehicle. This accessory is effective if it is manufactured to comply with standards and installed by a qualified person.

Cargo barriers made from metal mesh can be maximised if you want to fully maximise their intended purpose. They must also feature some energy-absorbing safety straps and strong fittings so they can stay in place despite the heavy weight of the loads.

If you want to keep your cargo safe, you must contact us at Jamieson Auto Fit. We offer durable and reliable cargo barriers to prevent vehicle passengers from getting injured due to flying loads.

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