The Cost of a Wheelchair Van Conversion

02 April 2014

Today, wheelchair van conversion alterations have become very common. And because a lot of companies perform these conversions, they are not only common, they have also become inexpensive. A lot of different types of vans can now be modified to allow the installation and accommodation of scooters and wheelchairs of different shapes and sizes. Today, alterations can be made on full-size vans and minivans.

Different Type of Wheelchair Van Conversions

If you want to have a wheelchair van conversion, the first thing that you need to decide on is the type of modification that is best for you. There are options to modify the rear, side and the driver’s seat. Modifications at the rear of the van will make wheelchair loading at the back of the van easier. Side modifications on the other hand offer access from the side of a van and if you are using a wheelchair and would like to drive, a driver’s side alteration may be the right modification for you.

Usually, side modifications are more expensive than rear adjustments. This is because alterations on the side of the van require more time and labour. The cost of wheelchair van conversion range from $10,000 to over $20,000 depending on the type of modification you want done, the kind of technology you want, and the type of vehicle you have. The best way to get good deals is to shop around and match van conversion prices.

Rear of the Van Modification

This type of modification is the cheaper among the two major alterations that you can do for a wheelchair van. It does not require any major modification on the rear door. However, it involves the installation of a mechanical ramp that will stick out out of the back of the van. This type of van modification is usually in the $10,000 to $14,000 range.

Side Entry Wheelchair Modification

This type of van modification will cost you around $20,000. The reason behind the high cost is because of the need to change the doors from manual sliding door to double hinged door or electronic opening door. A chair lift that extends out from the van and then lowers the wheelchair to the surface also needs to be installed.

Other Modifications

Since your van will be carrying additional heavy weight because of the modifications, you can expect more stress on the axles, springs, shocks, and brakes. You may need undercarriage modifications to help the van carry the extra weight without buckling. This type of modification may be charged on top of the major wheelchair van modification.

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