The Convenience of Wheelchair Access Taxis for the Elderly and Handicapped

27 September 2018

There are more wheelchair access taxis available for the elderly and handicapped than in previous years. The reason for this is a growing trend to compete for a market that has been generally overlooked and neglected in the past – wheelchair users. Now that more taxis are equipped to cater to those dependent on wheelchairs, wheelchair access taxis are now a convenient means of transportation for the elderly and handicapped people.

People are people, and everyone should have access to adequate and safe transportation to get to and from shopping centres, medical appointments, and the homes of friends and family, especially those dependent on wheelchairs. This is why wheelchair access taxis are so valuable because they are specially designed to easily facilitate wheelchair users comfortably and safely.

What Makes Wheelchair Access Taxis Convenient for the Elderly and Handicapped?

Specially designed wheelchair access taxis (WATs) are very convenient for transporting the elderly and handicapped. These specially designed vehicle include the following features:

Automatic and manual ramps – wheelchair access minibuses and vans are equipped with adjustable ramps that are automatically or manually lowered and raised to accommodate each passenger’s needs. Wheelchair ramps for taxis are designed to be sturdy, durable, and safe.

Wheelchair lifts – special lifts that can smoothly raise and lower wheelchairs of various sizes and weight into taxis easily, this is the main reason that makes wheelchair access taxis so convenient for elderly and handicapped people. With wheelchair lifts and restraints to ensure complete comfort, as these secure wheelchairs firmly while taxis are in motion.

Adjustable seats and flooring – specialised seating in wheelchair access taxis can be lowered and raised somewhat to make passengers more comfortable.

Handrails – these are placed at different levels inside both vans and minibuses to accommodate all ages and sizes of people, allowing passengers to hold on to them for better support and increased safety while WATs are in motion.

Compared to taxis that can only accommodate folding type wheelchairs, elderly and handicapped persons do not have to get out of their wheelchairs to get into WATs. Instead, with the aid of wheelchair lifts, people can remain seated while entering the taxis and while travelling, this makes WATs extremely convenient for the elderly and handicapped.

For transportation companies that want to provide multi-purpose taxi services, there are wheelchair conversions for vans and minibuses available at Jamieson Auto Fit. Wheelchair conversions can included the installation of sliding doors, a large vehicle back door, and wheelchair ramps and lifts.

For more information about wheelchair conversions, feel free to contact Jamieson Auto Fit today.

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