The Added Benefits of Internal LED Lighting for Vans

13 August 2018

Switching to new technologies as they become available often has many benefits, especially in regards to lighting and new types of light bulbs, such as LED (light emitting diode) lights for automobiles. What is an LED light bulb? Unlike traditional halogen light bulbs that are made of glass that holds gas and a filament inside that produces illumination as it burns LED lights have no filament or gas-filed chamber to produce light.

Instead, leads on a diode produces illumination once sufficient voltage is applied, known as ectroluminescence. Not only is LED lighting the preferred light source for residential and commercial buildings, but automobiles also benefit by replacing halogen light bulbs with LEDs.

While most vehicle owners are mainly focused on replacing their halogen head lights with LED ones, there are also many benefits of using internal LED lighting for automobiles, especially in vans.

Benefits of Using Internal LED Lighting for Vans

Benefits of upgrading your van’s interior lights with LED lighting just makes sense, as they are rugged and not as sensitive to vibrations as halogen lights. Halogen lights can break when vehicles are driven regularly and experience extreme vibrations, LED light will not. In fact, interior LED lights will last the life of your van and never need to be replaced, and they are not bulky like traditional light bulbs and can be mounted in places traditional light bulbs cannot.

Another benefit of LED lights is that they emit many colours. Unlike old lights that need multiple bulbs to produce various colours, just one LED unit is needed. LED strips and tubes are available for van interiors that can produce as much light as needed, producing whatever colours you desire.

Another example is that stock van ceiling lights are limited, typically not producing enough light as people need. LED ceiling strip lighting or custom ceiling LED lights are ideal ways to produce more than enough light that you need for the interior of your van. In fact, while there a many ways to upgrade the interior of your van, such as adding new seating, shelving, cargo drawers, or cargo barriers, nothing makes as much as a difference in ambience and appearance than LED interior lighting.

At Jamieson Auto Fit, we have everything you need to upgrade your van’s interior lighting, such as LED strips, LED tubes, and LED ceiling lights. We also specialise in vehicle modifications, such as the installation of cargo drawers, shelving and racks, cargo barriers, and vehicle seat alterations.

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