Taxi Transport Solutions for the Handicapped: Why Taxis Need Vehicle Customisation?

19 April 2017

To best serve all areas of the public, taxi transport solutions must include quality vehicle customisation to meet the needs of handicapped individuals. Many people with physical handicap work at full or part-time jobs outside their homes today. Even those who do not have outside employment with regular working schedules must have adequate and safe transportation to and from medical appointments and shopping centers or social events. For this reason, the majority of reliable taxi transport services now include vehicles specifically designed with custom-styled accessories to facilitate easy, comfortable and safe travel for the handicapped.

Essential Features in Vehicles Designed for Transporting Handicapped People

Certain features are now included in the design of vehicles intended for safe, comfortable transportation for handicapped individuals. These specialised design features include the following:

  • Wheelchair Lifts and Restraints. – Advanced technologies for wheelchair lifts enable smooth, easy lifting and lowering of wheelchairs of many different sizes, weights and styles. These lifts are part of the van or mini-bus design and are easily operated by transport drivers and assistants for safe, comfortable positioning of chairs in the vehicle and later, for easy lowering and gentle placement at ground level. The smooth, well-regulated mechanics of these lifts prevent any unsteadiness of wheelchairs during lifting and lowering and ensure complete comfort for handicapped passengers. Restraints inside the vehicle hold each wheelchair secure and steady while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Ramps and Easy-Climb Steps (Automatic and Manual). – Every bus or van is equipped with ramps and easy-climb steps that can be lowered or raised to suit each passenger’s needs. These accessories are available in both automatic and manually operated designs. These helpful vehicle features are lightweight, but sturdy, and are designed for durability and safety.
  • Adjustable Flooring and Seating. – Floors around passenger seating areas inside each vehicle designed for handicapped transport can also be raised or lowered somewhat for the comfort and safety of passengers whose needs require different heights and structures in wheelchair design.
  • Customised Handrails. – Handrails in vehicles for handicapped passengers come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate travelers of many different sizes with varied types of handicap. Since handicapped people of all ages, from small children to the elderly need regular transport to and from doctor’s appointments and many other locations and events, handrails placed at different wall levels inside vans or buses add convenient and necessary support for safety.

The handicapped transport vehicles favoured by Jamieson Auto Fit offer various design features structured to meet the comforts and needs of passengers with handicap today. If you need information about expert, safe and reliable transportation vehicles and services available for handicapped individuals in Australia, contact the experienced professional staff members of Jamieson Auto Fit for answers to all your questions.

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