Taxi Conversion: The Benefits and Ease for Wheelchair Accessibility

29 March 2018

There is a growing need for wheelchair accessible taxis in Australia, as nearly one-fifth of people with a handicap need some assistance to move around daily, or requires the use of a wheelchair to move about. Public transportation such as buses and trains now have ramps and lifts for wheelchairs users, unfortunately, not all those who need assistance have access to these types of public transportation.

For this reason, taxi conversions that allow for wheelchair accessibility are in demand.

Taxi Conversion Allows Wheelchair Accessibility for Those in Need

Transportation that allows for wheelchair accessibility is a major issue in Australia, and while most public forms of transportation provided by government have ramps, lifts, and space to accommodate wheelchairs, many taxis, buses, and shuttle vans still do not.

Most people with physical limitations that prevents them from driving do not own a vehicle. This means that they rely on taxi services to move around. Unfortunately, waiting for an available taxi that is wheelchair accessible often takes a while longer. Because there is a demand for wheelchair accessible taxis, transportation companies can benefit from taxi conversations.

For any transportation company that does not yet offer wheelchair accessible taxi services to the public, there are many benefits a taxis conversion can deliver.

Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services

Providing wheelchair accessible taxis (WATs) to the public benefits those that need them, and, the company that provides them. It is a win-win situation. For those that depend on taxis to get around, there will be more wheelchair accessible taxis available, and for transportation companies that modify their vehicles with a taxi conversion, there is a whole new market opportunity.

In fact, a taxi conversion will not only be able to accommodate wheelchairs, but also popular electric motorised types of chairs. While some taxis are able to fit a folded wheelchair in the cargo space of the vehicle, this requires a person to be helped out of, and into their wheelchair as they board and depart the taxi. Because of this, people who rely on the use of a wheelchair to get around need assistance when they travel.

However, with a taxi conversion, wheelchair users do not need someone to help them in and out of the taxi, that’s because a wheelchair accessible taxi allows a person to travel while seated.

For more information about taxi conversions for vans, buses and mini-buses, and the benefits and ease for wheelchair accessibility, please contact Jamieson Auto Fit.

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