Summer Season Van Modification: Innovate and Add What You Need

07 December 2020

As the summer season approaches, a lot of van owners now start to think of some ways on how to modify their vehicles. Some of them might think of beefing up their storage capacity, while others gear towards changes that can make their vans obtain more ventilation. There are also several van owners who are thinking of either expanding their seating capacity or increasing the strength of their vehicles.

Fortunately, we, at Jamieson Auto Fit, offer a handful of van modifications that can be useful not only during the summer season but throughout the lifespan of vehicles. If you are thinking of innovating your van, then here are some useful van modifications that you can add.

Cargo Barriers

If you intend to move and transport heavy load from one place to another during this upcoming season, then you may want to integrate reliable cargo barriers on your van. Cargo barriers serve as the boundary between any load and the occupants, which can significantly help protect the people inside from possible injuries that they may obtain from moving cargo or flying objects. These modifications are usually made from metal mesh construction, energy-absorbing safety straps, and strong fittings, helping them serve their main purposes of protecting occupants and preventing objects from flying freely inside the vans.

Roof Racks

As for additional storage, van owners can easily appreciate the offerings brought by roof racks. Roof racks, as the name implies, are normally installed on the roof of vans and other vehicles. They are designed to hold and carry things that might not fit comfortably inside the vehicle, all without the risk of throwing them onto the road or towards other nearby vehicles. They can work with fittings that can hold and carry equipment, fixtures, and others safely and securely.

Racks & Shelving

Another set of storage options that you can incorporate to your van are racks and shelving. Storage racks, van shelving, and cargo drawers can all offer storage capacity that is more organised compared to just lying things around at the back of the van. These storage options can fit in odd size items, increase space for most used products, offer fully adjustable capability, reduce deterioration of vehicle interiors, and grant fast access to items. They can even maximise working space, optimise productivity, increase profits of a business, reduce break-ins incidents, and ultimately save time and money.

Van Windows

The Aussie sun can be truly difficult for some vehicles. But through the integration of additional van windows, vans can easily obtain added visibility around them as well as reduced temperatures. The presence of energy-efficient van windows can effectively keep off the heat from ruining the temperatures of the van. They can likewise save energy and fuel as these windows can easily regulate temperatures. We can conveniently fit side windows in standard body panel moulding as well as customise them.

If you need to obtain these van modifications, then feel free to contact us at Jamieson Auto Fit. We have over 28 years of experience providing vehicle conversions and custom fit-out services to Australian vehicle owners and members of the automotive industry.


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