Jamieson Auto Fit are Specialists in Commercial & Domestic Vehicle Accessories & Modifications


Jamieson Auto Fit specialises in supply and installation of vehicle load restraints, commonly known as cargo barriers, luggage barriers or pet barriers.

Cargo barriers protect the occupants from accidental injury caused by moving cargo or other flying objects.

All vehicles with open access between any load and the occupants should have a cargo barrier fitted. This need is more critical with four wheel drive vehicles because of the effect that difficult terrain has on movement of the vehicle’s cargo.

Unrestrained cargo can be deadly in a roll-over, front impact collision or sudden stop.

When a cargo barrier is fitted to a station wagon, panel van, commercial van or 4WD, the occupants have a greater chance of escaping death or injury in the event of a collision.

Jamieson Auto Fit supplies and fit over 100 different cargo barriers to fit all the popular models of station wagons, 4WDs and vans.

The barriers are mostly of metal mesh construction and feature energy-absorbing safety straps and strong fittings into the vehicle subframe and roof areas. A new polycarbonate style is also available for station wagons such as Commodore, Falcon and Magna.

Jamieson Auto Fit can also manufacture, supply and fit customised cargo barriers and van walls made to your individual design needs.


Roof Racks

We specialise in fitting custom roof racks to commercial vans, utes, trucks, minibuses etc. However, our professional installers have been expertly trained to fit all types of roof racks to all types of vehicles – cars, station wagons, commercials and 4wd.

If you need a special purpose roof rack for your vehicle, contact us for expert advice
on what is available.

If required, we can provide onsite service for fitting and special quotes.

Bull Bars and Nudge Bars

We supply and fit a comprehensive range of steel and aluminium bull bars and nudge bars to suit most makes and models of vehicles cars, station wagons, commercials and 4wd.

Tow Bars

We supply and fit towbars and towing accessories, weight distribution systems, sway controllers and all the other accessories you need to be set up for safe towing.

Van Windows

Van side windows improve visibility and safety by reducing blind-spots.

Our complete conversion service for your van includes fitting of side windows either in standard body panel moulding or customised to your own requirements.


Station Wagons

Safe, extra seats for up to 3 additional children.

  • Forward Facing.
  • Single/Dual bucket seats or 2 and 3 seater bench seats.
  • For the rear of station wagons, vans, 4 Wheel Drives.
  • Fold away for stowage.
  • Supplied with matching trim.
  • Complete with inbuilt retractable lap-sash safety belts.
  • Simply removed from vehicle.
  • Easily accessible from side or rear of vehicle.
  • Headrests standard.
  • Options – reclining ability, adjustable headrest.

Vans & Buses

Jamieson Auto Fit can fit out your van or minibus with a custom seating arrangement to suit your individual requirements and applicable safety standards.


Racks & Shelving

From storage racks, van shelving and cargo drawers to racks of storage bins in your tradesman’s van or station wagon, Jamieson Auto Fit can help you with all your vehicle storage needs.

We specialise in custom made van shelves and tradesman kits (incl. electricians and plumbers).

Efficient storage saves you time and money.

Racking & Shelving Systems for Vans and Station Wagons

  • Suitable for installation in all vehicle models
  • More storage capacity for odd size items
  • Easy inventory control – reduces overstocking of expensive items and increases space for most used products
  • Fully adjustable
    • vertical to gain the maximum use of your van height
    • horizontal to follow the contour of the van and allow more aisle space
  • Maximum working space and fast access to all items
  • Optimises productivity – increases profits for your business

Cargo Drawers

  • Strong, durable and easy to use.
  • Reduce the incidents of break-ins to access valuable cargo from vehicles. Reduce damage to your goods and equipment.
  • Save time finding and accessing goods and equipment.
  • Reduce the possibility of back injury from lifting equipment out of vehicles.
  • Reduce the possibility of associated Medical Expenses, Worker’s Compensation, Increases on Worker’s Compensation insurance premiums, Lost working hours, Training of replacement personnel, Retraining of injured person to light duties position.
  • Reduce deterioration of vehicle interior.
  • Cargo Drawers are usually transferable vehicle to vehicle at changeover time.


Does your car seat or seating position need to be altered?

Jamieson Autofit does car seat alterations, van seating modifications and custom vehicle seat conversions in accordance with required safety standards.

This could simply be a matter of repositioning your car, van, truck or minibus seat to make your driving position more comfortable … raise, lower, back, forward.

Extra station wagon seats can be fitted, van seats can be modified or new seating installed to meet your individual requirements.

At a more advanced level, seats can be fitted with a fully adjustable power seat base. This enables easy height adjustment and seat rotation for improved accessibility in various vehicle types.