Roof Rails vs. Roof Racks: What are their Differences?

16 May 2019

If you want to increase the cargo capacity of your vehicle, then you have surely considered getting either roof rails or roof racks. Roof rails and roof racks are the ideal safe way to transport luggage, bicycles, kayaks, or many other things that just won’t fit inside your car. In fact, even a simple roof rail rack base can accommodate many different attachments and accessories that can hold a roof basket, cargo box, ski rack, bike carrier, or kayak carrier.

Roof rails are also a simple way to add a unique look and style to your vehicle that also lets you tie-down cargo to your car’s roof. If you want to increase the cargo carrying capacity of your vehicle, but you don’t know whether roof rails or roof racks will be the best choice, the information below should help you make a decision between the two.

The Differences of Roof Rails and Roof Racks

Roof rails and roof racks are very similar as both allow you to be able to carry items securely on top of your vehicle. The main difference between the two is the direction these are mounted on top of the roof of your vehicles. For example, roof rails run along the length of a car’s roof attached by feet or other mounts, and roof racks are mounted across the roof.

Roof rails provide attachment points where crossbars or other accessories such as a cargo box, a ski rack, and a cargo carrier can be mounted. These cargo accessories can be added and removed easily when needed. Flush-mounted roof rails lay flat on the roof of vehicles without any space between the rail and the roof.

Another difference between the two is that roof racks are hardier and designed to handle more cargo weight. It is important to have roof racks professionally installed, as professional installers can choose the best type of roof rack that will meet your needs. They will also explain the dangers of exceeding the roof rack’s weight limit.

Surprisingly, most people do not realise the dangers of an overloaded vehicle roof. An overloaded roof rack not only puts passengers and vehicle at risk, but it can void auto insurance claims if the vehicle gets into an accident and it is discovered that the car’s roof was overloaded.

If you are ready to install roof rails or roof racks, then bring your vehicle to Jamieson Auto Fit, one of our vehicle modification specialist can assist you in determining which roof rails or roof racks will best fit your vehicle.

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