Roof Racks and Carry Bars: Why Weight Limit Must Be Observed

22 March 2018

Roof racks and carry bars are commonly seen on all types of vehicles around Victoria, however, as useful as these are, many people tend to pile too much stuff on their vehicle’s roof. Even if all you want to carry can fit on the roof of your vehicle, it can be dangerous if exceeds the weight limit of the roof rack, carry bars, and your vehicle’s roof.

Not surprising to find that most people don’t consider that their vehicle’s roof has a weight limit, even owners of hardy 4WD vehicles need to be careful about how much weight they place onto the roof. In fact, an overloaded roof can put the vehicle and passengers at risk, and, it can even void auto insurance if the vehicle gets into an accident and is found to have been overloaded.

Determining if Your Vehicle’s Roof is Overloaded

Before placing items on your roof racks, there are two things that you need to consider. First consider the maximum roof loading rating of your vehicle, the information can be found in your vehicle owner’s manual. The second thing to consider is the load limit of your roof racks and carry bars.

When calculating the total weight of the load placed on the roof of your vehicle, don’t forget to include the weight of your roof rack and carry bars.

Roof Racks and Carry Bars Designed to Meet Your Needs

Roof racks and carry bars also have a maximum carrying capacity, some are designed for light loads of 60kg and not intended for offroad use, but these can often be seen mounted on 4WD vehicles. It is very important to make sure that the roof racks and carry bars you plan on mounting on your vehicle meet and even exceed your needs, especially if you plan use them for offroading.

As long as you are within the weight capacity of your vehicle’s roof loading rating and roof rack’s weight capacity, there shouldn’t be any problems.

DIY or Professional Roof Rack Installation?

While there are roof racks and carry bar kits available, it is highly recommended to have auto fit out professional help you install them. This is because professionals can help determine what type of roof racks and carry bars are best to use on your vehicle.

This will make sure that your vehicle’s roof and roof racks are never overloaded, and that you, your passengers, and your vehicle are always safe and deemed roadworthy. This will also guarantee that your insurance company has no valid reason to deny any claim in case of an accident.

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